The EVZ WALL OF FAME shows the club's history in BOSSARD Arena. On the EVZ WALL OF FAME are the names of the players who have made headlines since 1967 and have completed their active professional career. Players that the EVZ had remained loyal over the years , have become top scorer or Swiss Champion!

The names are written in different size and divided into three categories. (Criteria relate to the first team of EVZ )

  • 1 Category (big): At least 10 seasons in EVZ or three or more seasons as EVZ top scorer
  • 2 Category (medium): At least 8 seasons in EVZ or Swiss champion with the EVZ
  • 3 Category (small) : At least 5 seasons with EVZ or at least one as EVZ season top scorer


#17 Frischherz Ernst

1967-1971 & 1973/74

5 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1971 and 1973/74)

Ernst Frischherz was goalie for the first EVZ team in 1967 and helped the Zuger into the 1st league in 1969. He stayed on for the 1973/1974 season when he was reserve goalie behind the national goal-keeper, Gérald Rigolet, whom EVZ had signed up, and thus participated in getting into the NLB, if only in a side-role.

#24 Simmen Rolf


5 Seasons at EVZ (1985-1990)

For 5 seasons, Rolf Simmen was the indisputed number 1 in the Zug Goal, also at the time of the amazing promotion into the NLA in the 1987/88 season. Then, in spite of being under contract, EVZ Sportchef, Roland von Mentlen, transferred him to ZSC, in order to bring his favorite goalie, Marius Bösch, to Zug. Whilst Simmen became ZSC’s main goalie, Bösch was seriously injured and Zug ended up having the biggest goal-keeper problem in the club’s history.

#30 Koller Tony


5 Seasons at EVZ (1990-1995)

The Swiss-Canadian was Swiss Champion with the EVZ Elite-Juniors in 1994, under trainer Sean Simpson, and was a member of the Zuger NLA team between 1990 and 1995, where he was a reliable back-up goalie. 

#35 Schöpf Patrick


13 Seasons at EVZ (1991-2004)
Swiss Champion with EVZ 1998

The Zurcher came to EVZ from the NLB Club Rapperswil in 1991 and was able to make the break-through to the National League A with no problem. He was a valuable asset in the EVZ Goal for 13 years. His internal club duel with fellow goalie Ronnie Rüeger (1996-2001) was especially interesting. Schöpf played more games than his challenger, but Rüeger stole the show in the 1998 Championship Play-offs. Rüeger left for Lugano in 2002, leaving Schöpf again the indisputed number 1. 

#41 Weibel Lars


5 Seasons at EVZ (2004-2009)

EVZ signed Lars Weibel, a two-time champion (Lugano, 1999 and Davos, 2002) and three-time Goalie of the Year (1995, 2002,2003) in 2004. Under Sean Simpson, he was the team backbone. However, his season start with Doug Schedden did not go to plan and EVZ only qualified for the playoffs in the very last game. After that, Sheddon brought the Finn, Jussi Markkanen to Zug and Lars Weibel transferred to the Kölner Haien in the DEL. 

#44 Rüeger Ronnie


6 Seasons at EVZ  (1996-2002)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The Klotener came to EVZ from the B-Club Herisau in 1996, and initially was reserve goalie behind Patrick Schöpf but he soon proved himself as an opponent of equal stature for the number 1 place in goal. In the 1998 Championship Play-offs his great form led to him being main keeper as EVZ headed to the Championship. However, Zug remained faithful to Schöpf and gave Rüeger a free pass to Lugano in the 2001/2002 season. With Lugano he became champion another two times (2003, 2006) and developed into an international player. After over 1000 appearances, and in 2013 with the Kloten Flyers, he retired from active sport at the age of 40. 


#2 Ernst Brändli


5 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1972)

The solid defender was one of the original EVZ team members. He experienced the birth of ice-hockey euphoria in Kanton Zug and made it into the 1st League with the team in 1969.

#2 Heimgartner Werner

1972-1977 & 1978-1981

8 Seasons at EVZ (1972-1977 and 1978-1981)

The elder of the two Heimgartner brothers joined the first EVZ team whilst still in high school and was a member of the main team as it headed from the 1st league into the National League A. Following Zug’s league demotion in 1997, the reliable defender continued his career with Kloten and then with the Zurich Grasshoppers.

#3 Fazio Livio

1990/91, 1992-1997 & 2003-2007

9 Seasons at EVZ (1990/91, 1992-1997 and 2003-2007)

The strong defender made it into the first team from the EVZ Juniors in 1990. Since he was not sure of a permanent place in first team, he spent the next 6 years away from Zug (4 years Fribourg, 2 years Lakers). In 2003 he came back to EVZ with his friends from his teenage years, Patrick Fischer and Dani Giger. In his second time at EVZ he was team captain and the fans’s favorite in the Herti Stadium.

#4 Schafhauser Bill


7 Seasons at EVZ (1989-1996)

EVZ discovered this solid defender at NLB Club Herisau and brought him to Zug in 1989. The Swiss-American had a permanent place in the team until 1996. The high-point of his career was in 1995, when he took part in in the first EVZ Final, his personal low-point was when his brother, Pat, was seriously injured during the HC Lugano game in Davos. Following an terrible crash into the board, the younger of the Schafhauser brothers ended up lying on the ice as a paraplegic. They had played together for EVZ between 1991 and 1994. 

#4 Müller Pascal


5 Seasons at EVZ (2001-2006) Müller Pascal

Having spent his time as a junior and debuting in the NLA with Langnau, Pascal Müller joined Zug in the 2000/2001 season final and played for 5 seasons for EVZ. The non-shockable defender was feared by opponents on account of his toughness. He transferred to Davos in 2006, where he won the Spengler Cup and became Swiss Champion in his first season with them. At the end of the 2012/2013 season with the Kloten Flyers he retired from active sport.

#5 Bachmann René


12 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1979)

The only ice-hockey player in the Baarer football-family. He was amazingly successful with EVZ: He had a permanent place in the very first EVZ team in 1967/1968 in the second league and was in the first EVZ-NLA team in 1976/1977. Throughout his whole career Reto Stuppan’s right hand in the Zuger defense was a full-time post-man!

#5 Sutter Patrick

1996-2001 & 2006-2008

7 Seasons at EVZ (1996-2001 and 2006-2008)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

When, in 1995 and 1996, the international players, Patrick Sutter and André Rötheli, joined EVZ took the final steps to the Championship. A year after Rötheli, Sutter also transferred to Zug from Lugano and built up the backbone for the Zuger Championship team of 1998. He returned to Lugano in 2001 following internal problems in EVZ and won his second Championship in Tessin in 2003. He came back to EVZ, via Langnau in 2006 and had to end his successful career with 21 NLA seasons in November 2008 following a brutal check in the back and its resulting long-term concussion.

#6 Künzi Thomas


7 Seasons at EVZ (1992-1999)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

After winning three Championships with SC Bern (1989, 1991, 1992) Thomas Künzi transfered to Zug in 1992 where he won his third personal Championship title with EVZ six years later. As opposed to his cousin, André, his role in the EVZ defense was more one of roughness. His hard checks were feared by opponents. He transferred to Ambri in 1999 and ended his NLA career in Langnau in 2004.

#6 Stadler Peter


11 Seasons at EVZ (1982-1993)

Peter Stadler was one of the junior talents thanks to whom EVZ was immediately able to get back into the National League B following its relegation into the 1st League in 1983. His disciplined defence, his size and his hard checks were also sought after in the National League A. After 11 seasons with a permanent defender place on the team, he retired from professional sport and started a just as successful professional career. 

#6 Stuppan Reto


6 Seasons at EVZ (1972-1978) 

The ambitious international player from Chur joined EVZ from Geneva in 1972 and led Zug from the 1st League into the National League A within 4 years. As player-manager on and off the ice, as defender and match-maker on the ice. Nonetheless, he was not able to prevent relegation the following year.  Two years later he transfered to EHC Olten in the National League B. He passed away in December 2007 at the age of 61 following a brain tumor. 

#7 Kessler Dino

1990-1992 & 1993-2001

10 Seasons at EVZ (1990-1992 and 1993-2001) 
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

"Dino Dynamite" was the Swiss defender with the hardest shot for years - at EVZ and in the Swiss national team. The physically and technically above-average defender came from Chur to EVZ in 1990 and won his one and only championship title with Zug in 1998. In 2001 he transferred to Geneva and made the promotion to the National League A with its team. Today he writes as an ice hockey expert for the magazine "Blick".

#7 Muller Blair

1986-1990 & 1997/98

5 Seasons at EVZ (1986-1990 and 1997/98)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The older one of the two Muller brothers came to EVZ from the National League B Club Basel in 1986 and was one of the top performers in Zug's second ascent to the NLA in 1987 with his solid and physically strong defensive play. In 1990 he moved to Ambri, and until 1997 there was a regular fraternal duel with EVZ forward Colin. In the 1997/98 season Blair returned to EVZ for a few more games and is therefore also listed as an EVZ champion player.

#8 Burkart Urs


7 Seasons at EVZ (1986-1993)

The super-strong defender was the transfer suprise in the 1986/87 season: Whereas he had had to fight for a place in Kloten, Urs Burkhart developed into a key-player with EVZ and even made it onto the national team. 

#9 Horak Jakub

1990/91, 1992-1995 & 1997-2000

7 Seasons at EVZ (1990/91, 1992-1995 and 1997-2000)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

Jakub Horak joined the first team from the EVZ Juniors in 1990. He was a regular in the 1993/94season. After a two-year affair at Ambri he won his only Championship title in 1998. He left EVZ in 2000 for Rapperswil and ended his active career in 2010 with over 700 NLA games for six different clubs. 

#11 Hager Patrick

1982-1988 & 1989/90

7 Seasons at EVZ (1982-1988 and 1989/90)

The defender from the EVZ Juniors got his chance, like other EVZ talents, to play in the First League season of 1982/83 and he grabbed it. He had a regular place on the team during its relegation to the National League B in 1983 and its return to the National League A in 1987. After a season in Ambri (1988/89) he returned for a season to Zug and left afterwards permanently for ZSC.

#19 Disch Hans


7 Seasons at EVZ (1973-1980)

The defender from Chur joined EVZ from NLA-Club Geneva in 1973 and got into the National League B (1974) and then into the National League A (1974) with Zug. A defensive character of the “old school”, he ensured the defense when player-trainer Reto Stuppan attacked. 

#25 Heimgartner André

1975-1981 & 1982-1984

8 Seasons at EVZ (1972-1977 and 1978-1981)

The elder of the two Heimgartner brothers joined the first EVZ team whilst still in high school and was a member of the main team as it headed from the 1st league into the National League A. Following Zug’s league demotion in 1997, the reliable defender continued his career with Kloten and then with the Zurich Grasshoppers.

#28 Grauwiler Stefan


4 Seasons at EVZ (1994-1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The defender was not one of the key-players of the Zuger defense of the time, which had between three and four International players and a very powerful foreign national. However, he witnessed the four most successful years in the Club’s history, participating in three finals and winning the Championship in 1998.

#31 Fischer Patrick

1999-2004 & 2009-2014

Patrick Fischer came as a very promising talent from Chur to Zug in 1999. He developed to one of the most solid defenseman in the NLA. In 2004, he went to Rapperswil-Jona Lakers but returned to Zug after five seasons. At EVZ he also made it into to the Swiss National team in 2001/2002 season: Between 2001 and 2009 he has played 63 international games and participated at two World’s Championships. After 532 games and 10 seasons in total for EVZ as well as 767 NLA games he announced his resignation in 2013/14.


#33 Künzi André


12 seasons with EVZ (1990-2002) 
Swiss champion with the EVZ in 1998
Retired Number

The long-time national defender came to Zug from Bern in 1990 and was one of the leading figures in the EVZ defense for over a decade. After the first title in 1989 with SC Bern, he won the championship for the second time with the EVZ in 1998. In 2001, he had to retire from active sports due to chronic complaints.

#38 Richter Barry


5 Seasons at EVZ (2003-2008)

The over 151 NHL appearances were the American defender’s recommendation for joining Lugano from the Swedish club, Linköping, as reserve-foreigner for the play-offs at the end of the 2002/2003 season. His performance was so strong(8 scorer-points in 9 games) that EVZ took him under contract. He was a model sportsman for 5 years, who shored up the defense and pushed the attack forward. He retired in 2008. 

#44 Ritsch Andy


5 Seasons at EVZ (1989-1994)

The long-time national defender joined EVZ from Lugano during the 1989/90 season, after he had lost a power struggle against the legend trainer John Slettvoll and had to go. The experienced player was absolutely right for EVZ with its loose defense. Zug improved its position in the table from 9th to 6th place with Andy Ritsch. The Grisoner left EVZ for Rapperswil in 1994. He has been trainer at his home club, Arosa, in the 1st League since 2008.

#47 Miner John


3 Seasons at EVZ (1995-1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The offensive defender joined EVZ in 1995 from the NLB club Martigny. In the championship year he was pushed out of the team by substitute foreign national player, Chris Lindberg. At the end of the season he transfered to the Kölner Haien in the DEL, played lots of times for the DEL All-Star-Teams and in the Spengler Cup in Davos. Nowadays he is a trainer in Austria.  

#51 Berger Raphael


3 Seasons at EVZ (1997-2000)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The talented defender joined the EVZ Elite-Juniors in 1997 from NLB Club Ajoie and was able to celebrate getting the Champion title as super-sub. After two further seasons at EVZ he transfered to Friboug, where he had to end his career on account of injury in 2007 and where he remains as sport director. 


#5 Sobchuk Dennis


1 Season at EVZ (1980/81)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The explosive shot Canadian joined EVZ during the 1980/81 season to replace his injured country man, Peter Gaw. On account of his goal scoring he ensured, together with defense man Jean Bernier, that the weakened team remained in the league during the NLB Play-outs. Zug would have liked to have kept both foreigners, but were financially not able to do so. The results were a foreign player debacle and relegation to the 1st League the following year. 

#6 Bücheler Rudolf


3 Seasons at EVZ (1968-1971) Bücheler Rudolf
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

The goal-scoring forward transfered to EVZ from the NLA club Kloten an shot Zug into the 1st League. With his greatly feared hammer-shots he often scored goals from the middle-line. He retired from active sport in 1971 on account of his age. 

#7 Gaw Peter

1979-1981 & 1982/83

3 Seasons at EVZ (1979-1981 and 1982/83)
2 x Topscorer beim EVZ

Peter Gaw joined EVZ in 1979, a difficult time in the club’s history. In his first season the aspiring NLA candidate, EVZ, crashed into the mid-field of the NLB, even though the Canadian discharged his duties as top-scorer, scoring 28 goals. Trainer Jürg Schafroth was fired during Gaw’s second season and he was appointed player-manager but left EVZ at the end of the season. Two years later Zug signed him again, because he had a managed to get a Swiss licence in the meantime and could, therefore, be used in the 1st League. Gaw scored 28 goals again and led EVZ back into the National League B. 

#7 Halm Kurt


5 Seasons at EVZ (1970-1975)

Kurt Halm came to EVZ from Lucerne in 1970 and celebrated promotion into the National League B with the Zugers in 1974. In the 90s (and until 2001) the former forward was employed by EVZ as technical and sport manager.

#7 Christen Björn


9 Seasons with EVZ (2006-2015)

The defiant winger with a great nose for goal-scoring came to Zug in 2006 from Davos and was an EVZ leading figure as a player and a person for nine years. In 463 games he managed no less than 257 scorer points for Zug. After a total of 19 NLA seasons, 3 Championship titles (Bern, 1997 and Davos, 2002 and 2005) as well as 52 International games, 3 World Championships and an Olympics with the Swiss team,at the end of the 2014/15 season he started a different professional career, for which he had been studying during his playing time. 

#8 Gemperli Georges


6 Seasons at EVZ (1978-1984) Gemperli Georges

The forward came to EVZ from Uzwil following its relegation from the NLA. As a regular player he experienced demotion into the 1st League in 1982 and the subsequent promotion into the National League B in 1983. After promotion he was only a sub and left EVZ. 

#8 Tancill Chris


5 Seasons at EVZ (1999-2004)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The American forward, with 145 NHL appearances under his belt, transferred to EVZ from Kloten in 1999 and was labelled MVP after his first Zuger season. With 25 goals he was also the best NLA goal-scorer. Chris Tancill impressed on account of his goals, his fighting spirit and passion for the game. For 5 years he was the head and leader of the Zuger team. He hung up his skates at the age of 36 in 2004.  

#9 Fehr Andreas


6 Seasons at EVZ (1978-1984)

The forward with a history at Kloten played for EVZ in the difficult time after the NLA relegation in 1977. After being Champion runner-up in 1978 and 1979, he was relegated with Zug into the 1st League returning to the National League B a year later. 

#9 Volejnicek Zdenek

1972-1975, 1978-1981 & 1983-1985

8 Seasons at EVZ (1972-1975, 1978-1981 and 1983-1985)

The fast wing-forward had his first ice-hockey experience with the junior team of the Czech champions, Brünn, and then emigrated with his parents to Switzerland after the Prague Spring in 1968. He transfered to the EVZ Juniors from Lucerne in1971 and claimed a place in the first team a year later (1st League). His most successful time in Zug was between 1983 and 1985, when he got to play in the EVZ first line along the world-class players, Ivan Hlinka and Steven Allen Jensen.

#11 Antisin Misko


8 Seasons at EVZ (1990-1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The Swiss-Canadian joined EVZ in 1990 from Ambri and was one of the most feared forwards in the National League A on account of his dangerous slapshots and his merciless and sometimes over-hard game. The spectacular wing-forward was often placed as high in the penalties ranking as the scorer one. He participated in three World Championships with the Swiss International Team. After becoming Swiss Champion in 1998 he transfered to Lugano where he got his second title. 

#12 Elik Todd


2 Seasons at EVZ (2000-2002)
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

Controversial because of his lack of discipline Elik was brought to Zug as a show-maker. With the three Canadians, Elik, Di Pietro and Tancill, EVZ had got the ultimate offense-trio. However the downward spiral of the 1998 champions was unstoppable and Elik transfered back to Langnau after 2 years. In this short time at EVZ he had 115 scorer-points to his credit but also 264 disciplinary minutes. 

#12 Jenni Heinz

1973-1980 & 1982-1984

9 Seasons at EVZ (1973-1980 and 1982-1984)
6 x EVZ-Topscorer

The player from Thun joined Zug in the 1st League in 1973 as a 22-year-old international from the series champions La Chaux-de-Fonds and shot Zug into the National League A. His goal, 22 seconds before the end of the game, leading to a 7:6 win in the last game of the 1975/76 season against ZSC and giving Zug its promotion into the NLA, is absolutely unforgettable. The most dangerous Swiss goal scorer in EVZ’s history was club’s top-scorer no less than six times. On 8th October 1992 at the age of only 41, he passed away as a result of a tragic industrial accident. 

#13 Yaremchuk Ken


6 Seasons at EVZ
4 x EVZ-Topscorer

The Canadian with an idiosyncratic style came to Zug as an unknown quantity from the back of beyond in the Italian League (Asiago) and  was a great piece of luck for EVZ. He took over from Red Laurence as goal-getter and made up the most successful forward line in Switzerland along with Misko Antisin and Colin Muller. He missed a Championship title by one year: The fans’ favourite transfered to Davos in the 1997/98 season and lost in the play off final against EVZ.

#14 Hlinka Ivan


2 Seasons at EVZ (1983-1985)
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

It was the transfer coup of the ice-hockey summer in 1983.  EVZ, which was back in the National League B, signed the Czech legend Ivan Hlinka away from the NHL Club Vancouver. It was made possible because of the good relations between the Czech EVZ trainer Frantisek Dum and the Czech EVZ sport manager Dr. Josef Havlik. The three-time world champion matched expectations in Zug and thanks to his unbeatable technique was twice top-scorer. As Czech national coach he won gold at the Olympics in 1998 and the World Championships 1999. The Pittsburgh Penguins made him the NHL’s first European trainer in 2000. The Czech Republic honoured him for his life’s work in 2004. On the way home after the celebrations he was involved in a collision with a truck through no fault of his own and died afterwards. 

#14 Lindberg Chris


1 Season at EVZ (1997/1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

Chris Lindberg was in the right place at the right time. He was brought in 2 rounds before the final qualifiation in Zug’s Championship year as insurance against injury of one of the foreign players. The Canadian forced his way into the team on account of goal scoring ability and with a balance of 21 scorer-points in 17 play off appearances made a great contribution to Zug winning the championship.  

#14 Patt Christian

1979-1982 & 1983-1985

5 Seasons at EVZ (1979-1982 and 1983-1985)

Christian Patt came to EVZ from Arosa in 1979 along with his brother Arthur. Whereas Arthur only stayed for one season in central Switzerland, Christian was a forward for five. He left the team following its relegation into the 1st League in 1982, but returned after promotion a year later and played for EVZ for another 2 years. 

#14 Petrov Oleg


4 Seasons at EVZ (2004-2008)
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

The star forward, with 402 NHL games and a regular for the Russian team, came to Zug from Geneva in 2004. He put on a great show in the Herti Stadium with his goal scoring and dribbling skills. He transfered to Bars Kazan in the Russian KHL during the 2007/2008 season and remained playing there until he was well over 40. 

#15 Fritsche John


5 Seasons at EVZ (1986-1991)

Thanks to the successful Canadian trainer, Andy Murray, not only did topscorer Red Laurence join EVZ in the National League B from NLA club Ambri in 1986, but also the wing “rocket” forward, John Fritsche. The board-grinder was loved by the fans because of his crashing checks and unstoppable speed along the wing. He was part of the top line-up Fritsche-Laurence-Muller and therefore a key-player in the second NLA-promotion in 1987.The Swiss-Canadian was enticed back to Tessin by Lugano in 1991.  

#15 Holzer Matthias


2 Seasons at EVZ (1997-1999)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

Matthias Holzer won the Championship three times in the space of four years – with Kloten (1995 and 1996) and then with EVZ (1998). The disciplined two-way forward fulfilled every task given him by the manager completely reliably – even that of defender if required. After 2 years at Zug he transfered to Langnau. He has two things to be grateful for from EVZ: his third Championship title and his wife, who at that time worked for EVZ in the administration office.

#16 Meier Daniel


9 Seasons at EVZ (1990-1995 and 1997-2001)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The speedy winger got into the first team from the EVZ Juniors in 1990 and won the Championship with EVZ in 1998. He left EVZ for Rapperswil in 2001 and in 2010 ended his career of more than 2 decades in the NLA with SC Bern with a second personal Championship title.

#16 Probst Paul


8 Seasons at EVZ (1972-1980)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

1972 saw a transfer sensation for Swiss ice-hockey when Paul Probst left the NLA-Club La-Chaux-de-Fonds for the 1st League Club EVZ. The center forward was an international player at that time and had just become champion with the Jura team for the fifth time in succession. He was the leader in the top line-up, Jenni-Probst-Huber, and led EVZ from the 1st League into the National League A.  

#17 Christoffel Paul


7 Seasons at EVZ (1981-1988)

The technically proficient forward joined Zug from the NLA-club Arosa in 1981 and from then on was regularly one of its best Swiss scorers. He was often criticised that he did not use all of his talent because he made everything look very easy, but was in fact one of the best 4 EVZ scorers between 1981 and 1985, One year after getting back into the NLA he left EVZ for Rapperswil.

#18 Dekumbis Robert


5 Seasons at EVZ (1973-78)

The older of the two Dekumbis brothers joined the EVZ in 1973 and stormed with the Zugers into National League B (1974) and National League A (1976). Together with Jorma Peltonen from Finland and Walter Pfister from Eastern Switzerland, he was the second top line from Zug after the parade tower Jenni-Probst-Huber at the 1976 NLA promotion. His younger brother Reto, who made it to the national team, also stormed for the EVZ from 1975-1979.

#18 Jufer Hansjörg


3 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1970)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The little exuberant wing-player was one of the most striking forwards in the first three seasons in EVZ’s history. He shared the title of EVZ topscorer along with Oski Huber in the first season and in the second he helped Zug to promotion into the 1st League. 

#18 Landis Rolf

1971-1976 & 1978-1981

8 seasons at EVZ (1971-1976 and 1978-1981)


The Zug-born forward played eight NLB seasons for the EVZ and was captain of the team for several years. His highlights were his promotion to the NLB in 1974 and the NLA in 1976.

#18 Rötheli André


6 Seasons at EVZ (1995-2001)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The wiry technician was the best forward in Switzerland whilst at EVZ for 6 seasons and was also captain of the Zuger team that won the championship in 1998. Following internal differences he left EVZ in 2001 and won a further two championships with Lugano (2003)and Bern (2004). As sport manager at the Kloten Flyers, he is still involved in the ice-hockey business. 

#18 Schädler René


8 Seasons at EVZ (1982-1990)

Schädler René, who completed his junior training with Zug, joined the first team of the EVZ in the NLB relegation in 1982/83 and defended his regular place up to the National League A. Thanks to his disciplined defensive work, hard physical play and absolute commitment, the two-way forward always kept the trust of his coaches.

#19 Fischer Marco

1990-1992 & 1997/98

3 Seasons at EVZ (1990-1992 and 1997/98)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

As opposed to his more prominent younger brother Patrick, who missed the Championship Title at EVZ, Marco stepped in for a gap year at the right time. He came back to his original club in the championship season from NLB-Club Lucerne and left a year later for Langnau. He made a contibution to Zug’s winning of the Championship as a physically strong forward in the fourth block. He set the course towards winning the title with his 1:0 goal in the last game against Davos. 

#19 Huber Ueli

1967-1970 & 1971-1974

6 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1970 and 1971-1974)

To a large account EVZ owes its existence to the Zug garage owning family, Huber. and the three brothers, Engelbrt, Ueli and Oskar. Whilst Engi took on every office from looking after the kit up to club president, Ueli played alongside his brother Oskar in the newly founded club. With the club’s promotion into the NLB in 1974, he retired from the sport and devoted himself to the family business.  

#19 Kress Michael


5 Seasons at EVZ (2006-2011)

Michael Kress had already won three Championship titles with Kloten (1996) and Davos (2002 and 2005) when he and Björn Christen transfered to EVZ from HCD. He was a solid defender in Zug until the start of the 2011 season when he had to retire early on account of chronic injury. 

#19 Laurence Red


5 Seasons at EVZ (1986-1991)

5 x EVZ-Topscorer

Donald “Red” Laurence came to EVZ from Ambri in 1986 in a strange way: The Canadian goal-getter applied by letter himself. The sniper, with a rocket-like shot, shot EVZ into the National League A and was EVZ top-scorer five times in a row. The 62 goals he scored in his first EVZ season are still the club record. 

#20 Huber Oskar


12 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1979)
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

The original Zuger played on the pond at Lättich with the Baarer skating school and was part of the EVZ original team. He enjoyed the entire promotion run, from the 2nd League right the way to the National League A, from the front row. He was captain for years, the EVZ figurehead and had his most successful times in the legendary line-up with the international players, Heinz Jenni and Paul Probst. 

#20 Neuenschwander Philipp

1980-1986 & 1988-1997

15 Seasons at EVZ (1980-1986 and 1988-1997) 
EVZ Topscorer 1983
Retired Number

The dangerous wing-forward scored 222 goals for EVZ in 546 games. The former EVZ junior spent two years at HC Davos (1986-88) and got into the Swiss team for which he played 51 international games. Between  2001 and 2004 the long-time captain was sport manager for EVZ.

#21 Amsler Hansruedi


6 Seasons at EVZ (1982-1988)

Hansruedi Amsler started his EVZ career in the 1982/83 season with the move back into the NLB and celebrated the first promotion into the National League A in 1987. He was one of the young EVZ-juniors that made it into the first team at this time. Following Zug’s first NLA season he transfered to the NLB-club Rapperswil where he caused a furore with 62 scorer-points. 

#21 Capeder Urs

1978-1982 & 1984-1987

7 Seasons at EVZ (1978-1982 and 1984-1987)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The forward, who was an EVZ-junior got into the first team a year after its relegation from the NLA in 1977 and after that was a regular goal-scorer. When EVZ was relegated into the First League in 1982 he was internal top-scorer which enabled his transfer to Lugano. Capeder returned to EVZ in 1984 following the second promotion to the NLA. He retired in 1878..

#21 Fischer Patrick

1991-1997, 2003-2006 & 2007-2009

11 Seasons at  EVZ (1991-1997, 2003-2006 and 2007-2009)
2 x EVZ Topscorer
Retired Number

The international player (capped 181 times) was an EVZ Junior and became champion with Lugano (1999) and Davos (2002) but is still an EVZ legend. He came back to EVZ at the same time as Sean Simpson (from Hamburg) in 2003, was twice top-scorer and was the first EVZ player to have made it into the NHL (Phoenix Coyotes, 2006) and the KHL (St, Petersburg, 2007). In 2013-2015, he started his second career as NLA head coach at HC Lugano and has held the position of national coach since 2016.

#22 Jensen Steven-Allan


2 Seasons at EVZ (1983-1985)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

In 1983, EVZ was looking for a perfect partner for the world-class center-forward, Ivan Hlinka, and surprisingly found him in the Austrian League: The American Steven Allen Jensen was brought to the Herti Stadium from Graz. The winger, with 450 appearances in the NHL, worked magic for the EVZ fans alongside the Czech legend. Nonetheless he returned to the States because the new EVZ trainer, Dan Hobér wanted to fill what was the only permissable foreign player position with the Canadian Greg Theberge. 

#22 McTavish Dale


3 Seasons at EVZ (2007-2010)
1x EVZ-Topscorer

Power winger Dale McTavish had long been a topic at the EVZ when he came to central Switzerland in 2007 after five years in Rapperswil and two seasons with the ZSC Lions. The goal-scoring Canadian also lived up to expectations in the EVZ dress and booked 141 scorer points in three seasons and 140 games - more than one point per game! In the 2007/08 season he was EVZ's top scorer with 59 points. At the age of 38, he did not receive a contract extension in Zug, added another season in Finland (SaiPa) and then retired from active sport.

#22 Müller René

1984-1990 & 1992/93

7 Seasons at EVZ (1984-1990 and 1992/93)

The EVZ-junior center forward played for 7 seasons in total at EVZ and had the personal highlight of celebrating Zug’s second promotion into the National League A in 1987. He transfered to HC Davos in 1993 where his scorer-points greatly increased. In 2003 he retired from active sport and began his second career behind the boards, initially as assistant coach, then head coach of the Elite-Juniors and sport manager for the NLA team.

#22 Niggli Stefan


5 Seasons at EVZ (1998-2003)

Stefan Niggli made his first appearances for the Zuger NLA team in the first season after the Championship Title in 1998. The U-20 international never really made a break-through in Zug and transfered to Olten in the National League B in 2003; there he played and scored regularly. 

#23 Kochlöfl Jaroslav


1 Season at EVZ (1971/72)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

Basically Jaroslav Kochlöfl was the first foreign player at EVZ. As a political refugee, the exiled Czech was permitted to play in the First League and under the Hockey Rules did not count as a foreigner. The forward scored 21 goals and proved himself in his only season with Zug as the most accurate shot. 

#23 McDougall Bill


3 Seasons at EVZ (1995-1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

1 x EVZ-Topscorer

Like Ken Yaremchuk star-forward Bill McDougall also came to Zug from a third-class league (Lublijana, Slovenia) and he hit Zug like a bomb. The dribble king shot goals by the score and together with Wes Walz was team top-scorer. To the fans’ great consternation his contract was not extended after the Championship Title because of lack of discipline off the ice (drunk-driving).

#24 Eberle Jörg


3 Seasons at EVZ (1967-1970)
1 x EVZ-Topscorer

The little exuberant wing-player was one of the most striking forwards in the first three seasons in EVZ’s history. He shared the title of EVZ topscorer along with Oski Huber in the first season and in the second he helped Zug to promotion into the 1st League. 

#24 Camichel Duri


13 Seasons with EVZ (1999-2012)

Duri Camichel came to the EVZ Junior teams from St. Moritz in 1998 and made his debut in the first team in the 1999/2000 season. By the time of his transfer to Rapperswil in 2012 he had played in the EVZ colors for 13 seasons, the last 5 years as its captain. Between 2006 and 2009 he played 32 times for the Swiss national team and participated in the World Championship in Moscow in 2007. After 693 games in the NLA the man from Graubünden announced his retirement in January 2014. On 28th April 2015 at the age of only 32 he tragically lost his life in a car accident on holiday in Costa Rica. 

#27 Holden Josh


10 Seasons at EVZ (2008-2018)
2x EVZ Topscorer

Josh Holden came to EVZ from the SCL Tigers in 2008 and was one of the leading figures on the ice for the Zugers for 10 years. No foreigner played longer for EVZ! The Canadian, born in Calgary in 1978, was the epitome of scoring, power, passion and toughness. He was the leader of two of the most successful EVZ forward lines of all time, first with Damien Brunner and Fabian Schnyder, then with Lino Martschini and Reto Suri as wingers. In 2018, he ended his active career and stayed with EVZ as assistant coach for five more seasons (2018-2023).

#27 Muller Colin


13 Seasons at EVZ (1986-1999)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The Canadian with the Swiss passport came to EVZ from NLB-Club Basel along with his brother, Blair in 1986. For the next ten years or so he was the best goal-scorer and fans’ favorite in the Herti Stadium. He established the Candadian-Swiss era at EVZ, causing furore in the first year with its second promotion into the National League A. The winger was capped 17 times for Swizerland and is currently Assistant Coach for the Swiss team. 

#28 Oppliger Patrick


14 Seasons at EVZ (1998-2012)

The Jurassian joined EVZ in 1998, transfering from Fribourg and up until his retirement in 2012 was one of the most reliable all-rounders in the team. Apart from in goal he center-forward could be placed just about anywhere.

#32 Steffen Franz


7 Seasons at EVZ (1991-1998)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

An indication of the quality of the Zug team which won the Championship in 1998 is that the third-line center-forward was called up to play for the international team. Franz Steffen came to Zug from NLB Club Langnau and was as a two-way forward with great scoring qualities was an important piece in the EVZ-Champion puzzle. 

#37 Walz Wes


3 Seasons at EVZ (1996-1999)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998
2 x EVZ-Topscorer

The super-skater forward and an amazing game overview was without doubt the leader of the Zuger Championship-team in 1998 and (along with Bill McDougall) the overall top-scorer in the Championship play offs (28 points). On account of his amazing performance in  Switzerland, the center forward received an offer from the Minnesota Wild in the NHL, where he was one of the key-players for many years until 2008 when he retired after 639 appearances in the NHL.

#47 Giger Daniel

1992-1998 & 2003-2006

8 Seasons at EVZ
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The technically strong and goal-getteing wing-forward came out of the ranks of the EVZ-Juniors and got the only Championship title with the first team in 1998. After 2 years at Fribourg and 3 with the Lakers he came back to Zug with his teenage-friends Patrick Fischer and Livio Fazio in 2003, in order to bring about a new start in EVZ under his earlier Zuger trainer, Sean Simpson. He was forced to end his career in 2006 on account of health reasons and moved into sport management. 

#55 Di Pietro Paul

1999-2004 & 2005-2011

11 Seasons at EVZ (1999-2004 and 2005-2011)
Topscorer 1999/2000

The 1992/93 winner of the Stanley Cup with Montreal transferred to Zug in 1999 from Ambri where he had been league top-scorer. On account of his goals and passion he was soon a great hit with the fans. As his contract in 2004 was not renewed, the Canadian returned to EVZ as soon once he had obtained a Swiss passport and the associated Swiss licence, becoming an absolute cult-figure for the Zuger fans. He caused a furore in the Olympic Games in 2006 where he scored twice for a 2:0 win over Canada.

#57 Grogg Stefan


6 Seasons at EVZ (1996-2002)
Swiss Champion with EVZ in 1998

The bundle-of-energy forward, who was ready for any fight, came to EVZ from Biel in 1996 and soon became a favorite with the fans on account of his aggressive game and his regular scorer-points. He was forced to end his career at ECH Biel in 2007 on health grounds. Only later was it made public that the previous Zuger forward was suffering from Motor Neuron Disease.  

#57 Schnyder Fabian


17 Seasons with EVZ (2003-2020) 
Swiss Champion with EVZ Elite Juniors 2003 and 2004
Vice-Swiss Champion with EVZ 2017 and 2019
Cup Champion with EVZ 2019

Fabian Schnyder joined the EVZ in 1996 from Küssnacht SC. As a junior player, he won two championship titles with the EVZ Elite Juniors (2003 and 2004), and in 2004 he took part in the World Championships in Finland with the Swiss U20 national team. In the 2003/04 season, he made the jump from the elite juniors to the Zug National League team, with which he celebrated the runner-up title in 2017 and 2019 and the Cup victory in 2019. In 17 seasons and 873 championship appearances, he scored 125 goals, 151 assists and 276 scorer points for his EVZ, which he remained loyal to until his retirement. With his exemplary attitude and his above-average running and fighting qualities, the power winger was one of the top performers until the end. Thanks to his open and modest manner, he was also a figurehead and likeable ambassador for the club off the ice.


#61 Casutt Corsin

2002-2009 & 2010-2014

11 Seasons at EVZ (2002-2009 und 2010-2014)

Born in 1984, the Grisons native celebrated his premiere in the top league in 2001 as a 17-year-old elite junior with EHC Chur. He then moved to the elite juniors of EVZ and also immediately made the leap into the 1st team in Zug. The smart winger with a good eye for goal was a regular at EVZ for eleven years. His greatest success came with the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers when they were promoted back to the National League and won the Cup in the 2017/18 season. After 22 professional years in the two top leagues, he ended his career in 2022 at the age of 38.

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