FAQ Dynamic Pricing

What happens to the price of my season ticket? 

The prices for season tickets for seating and standing are not affected by the flexible price model. 

For which games does the new pricing system apply?

The new Dynamic Pricing system will be used exclusively for National League qualifying matches.

How can I find out the current best price?

You can view the prices for the online games online. Available tickets are offered for sale online.

Will the ticket prices rise with the new price model?

With the new Dynamic Pricing, prices vary. The EVZ wants to reward online customers and early bookers in particular with this price model. 

FAQ stadium visit

What time do the gates (BOSSARD Arena) open on game days?

The gates are open 75 minutes before the game starts. Usually the games starts at 7.45pm and the gates open at 6.30pm. If our Swiss League team is playing, the gates will be opened 45 minutes before the game starts.

Is it possible to buy single tickets at the box office?

Tickets for the standing section for the home sector are available 90 minutes before the game starts at the main ticket office in front of the BOSSARD Arena.

Tickets for the standing section for the guest sector are available online at SeeTickets

Due to the low availability seat tickets are usually not available at the ticket office, as they are all sold online.

Further ticket information can be found here.

How do I get to the BOSSARD Arena?

By foot
The BOSSARD Arena can be reached from the train station in 10 minutes by foot.

By public transport
From the train station take the bus No. 6 until the stop "Stadion" or the bus No. 11 until the stop "Aabachstrasse". Or you can use the city train until the stop "Zug Schutzengel" as well.

By car
Take the exit in Baar (from Lucerne and Zurich). After the exit keep to the right and follow the signs to Herti. At the first roundabout take the first exit to the right. At the second roundabout, drive straight ahead. At the third roundabout drive stright ahead again. At the fourth roundabout take the first exit to the right. At the final fifth roundabout take the first exit to the right. After about 100 metres you have reached the BOSSARD Arena.

Further information can be found here.

Where can I park?

  • Parking spaces are available at the train station, at the commercial education school Zug (KBZ), at the SIEMENS car parks (Dammstrasse), Grafenau, Neustadtplatz or in the Metalli shopping mall.
  • There are limited parking spaces available in the bull stables area in case there are no other events take place on that area (CHF 8.00).
  • At the commercial education school Zug (KBZ) are 9 parking spaces for busses available.
  • Parking spaces for people with walking disabilitiy are available on the Allmendstrasse, along the bull stables area, at the football stadium or in the "Arena" car park.

Do I need any documents to enter the BOSSARD Arena?

In addition to your valid game ticket, you will need an official ID (ID, passport, driving licence).

Where's the ''lost and found''?

You can collect objects found directly at the BOSSARD Arena up to 30 minutes after the game. Please contact the security staff for this purpose. 

On the following days, you can pick up any objects found at the ticket office of the exterior ice-field. Please contact the staff in advance (+41 41 725 31 40) to ask for your missed item. Please note that the opening hours are the same like at the BOSSARD Arena.

FAQ EVZ marketplace

How does the EVZ marketplace works?

The owner of the season card is able to offer his ticket for resale at the marketplace, as soon as the EVZ releases the game at the marketplace. This opens the possibility for other fans to purchase this ticket. As soon as the ticket has been resold successfully, the cardholder will receive a share of the sales price (per game). After the successful resale, the season card will be blocked for access to the respective game at the BOSSARD Arena.

When does EVZ release the marketplace for a home game?

EVZ will release the marketplace as soon as the majority of the available single tickets (seats) have been sold.

How can I offer my ticket in the marketplace?

The cardholder has to register at www.evz.ch/login with its personal access data. As soon as the EVZ has released the marketplace for a specific game, the tickets for resale will appear under "Resell tickets". For reselling your ticket push the "Release for sale" button. Afterwards your ticket is bookable in the EVZ marketplace.

How do I get my purchased ticket as a buyer?

The purchased ticket will be generated online and can be printed out (Print@Home) or brought along as a mobile ticket.

I have unlocked my ticket for resale and now I want to use it myself. Is it possible to cancel the resale?

As long as the ticket has not been successfully resold, the resale can be cancelled. The resale can be cancelled in the login area.

Is it possible to use the EVZ marketplace with other payment methods than by credit card?

No, purchases at the EVZ marketplace can only be made by credit card.

What amount will be credited to my account if my ticket has been resold successfully?

The season ticket holder receives 100% of the value of the ticket of his price category (price of the season ticket divided by possible 38 matches). The value will be credited to his customer account.

When will I receive the share if my ticket has been resold successfully?

The amount will be credited to the cardholders account within three working days.

When selling a ticket, which was initially paid by with credit card, the credit is made directly on the respective credit card. The deadline depends on the credit card provider and may take a few days longer

How can I reuse my credit from a resold ticket?

The credit can be used for any purchases in the EVZ ticketing system (single ticket / voucher ticket). The purchases are possible in the official online ticketing shop or at the EVZ marketplace. The credit can also be used to pay the extension of the season ticket. Consumption at food stands and catering services of EVZ Gastro AG cannot be credited.

How do I find out that my ticket has been sold?

The owner of the season ticket will be informed by email.

When can I offer my ticket at the EVZ marketplace at the latest?

Tickets can be bought and sold up to 4 hours before the game starts, afterwards the EVZ marketplace closes.

Are there any fees when I buy a ticket at the EVZ marketplace?

There are no booking fees at the EVZ marketplace since the tickets have been resold.

Are there any discounts for tickets at the marketplace and is it possible to use vouchers at the marketplace?

Unfortunately, tickets cannot be reduced at the marketplace but it is possible to use vouchers as a payment method.

Which ticket categories can be resold at the EVZ marketplace?

Owners of season ticket (seats), single ticket (seats) in the categories 1-6 or business seats gold & silver are able to offer their tickets at EVZ marketplace if they are not able to use them.

Not available are rink seats, free tickets, standing room tickets, lounge tickets or any tickets in the hospitality area. Tickets from EVZ marketplace cannot be resold again.

I would like to resell the season ticket from friends through my account. I am not the owner of the season ticket. Can I proceed like this?

Season tickets can only be offerd by the cardholder. Therefore each season ticket owner needs his own account with login data.

I have no Internet access and no e-mail address. How can I resell my season ticket for a single game?

Unfortunately the reselling process is not possible in this case. The resale is only possible at the EVZ marketplace. Thank you for your understanding.

FAQ season card

Where can I manage and pass on my season ticket?

Create your own EVZ user account on https://www.evz.ch/anmeldung/registrierung and follow the link to the ticketing platform in the login area under "My season ticket". On the ticket platform you can login with the same login as in the user account. You can view and manage your season tickets under "My Tickets". Please note that it can take up to 5 working days after registration until your season ticket will be visible.

The season tickets are only visible on the ticket platform and not in the login area on www.evz.ch.

Can I order my season ticket on account?

Season tickets can generally get ordered on account and paid within 30 days. As soon as we have received the full payment the tickets will be delivered.

Are the playoff/playout games included in the season ticket?

Yes, all playoff home games are included until the quarter finals.

Are the Champions Hockey League games included in the season ticket?

The games of the Champions Hockey League are included in the season ticket until the quarterfinal.

I have lost my season ticket. How do I proceed?

The season ticket holder can contact the EVZ Office by telephone, e-mail (ticketing@evz.ch) or on-site. The lost season ticket will be blocked and a duplicate will be issued for a fee of CHF 20.- per ticket. The new card must be collected personally at the office or at the next game visit at the main ticket office. The card holder has to appear personally with an identity card and has to pay the new card on-site (cash only). There will be no delivery with an invoice!

FAQ member card

How do I get my member card?

The registration of the authorized members will be done automatically by the donator clubs or by the EVZ office. The member card will be issued and sent by the EVZ Gastro AG. The card holder is entitled to enter the Legends Club with this member card.

How can I activate the cashless function on my member card?

You can assign your member card on your own (number & PIN on the back of the card) in the login area of the EVZ web portal. After the assignment the member card will be activated and is ready to use as a cashless card at the BOSSARD Arena (food boxes, 67 Sportsbar, Legends Club).

Is it possible to issue the member card in the name of a company?

No, the member cards are bound to a person. The cardholder is responsible for the usage of the member card.

Is it allowed to bring guests to the Legends Club?

Of course - The member card entitles the cardholder to enter the Legends Club and to bring guests. Guests will be given an event wristband at the Legends club entrance. With this wristband the guests have free access to the Legends club on that evening. The cardholder also has the possibility to take such a wristband, so that the member card does not have to be shown on admission.

Where can I change the billing address?

The billing address of a member card can only be changed by the EVZ Gastro AG. The cardholder has to report the new billing address by e-mail to marketing@evz.ch stating the member card number & the PIN on the back of the card.

How does the payment process with a member card work?

1. Order.

2. Have your member card ready.

3. Member card will be scanned by the service staff and returned together with the consumption receipt.

What happens if I am in default of payment with the monthly invoice?

The member card can be blocked by the EVZ at any time if the client is in default of payment. In this case further consumption with the member card is not possible. The member card will be unblocked automatically as soon as the outstanding account get paid.

Who can I contact in case of problems?

The EVZ Office is available during the regular office hours in matters of the member card: marketing@evz.ch / Phone +41 41 725 31 13

FAQ Internet login

Can I change my e-mail address (= login ID)?

No. You have then to register a new account with your new e-Mail address.

FAQ miscellaneous

What are the opening hours of the fanshop?

The opening hours of the fanshop are determined by our merchandise-partner Conte Sports. The opening hours can be found here.

Where can I purchase fan merchandise?

Fan merchandise is available in the online-shop www.evz.ch/shop as well as in the fanshop in front of the main entrance of the BOSSARD Arena.

Where can I purchase gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers can only get purchased online by paying with credit card.

Gift vouchers for all the gastronomy offers can get purchased here.

Gift vouchers for fan merchandise are available at the online-shop.

What payment options are available?

With the exception of Dine&View-Tickets all tickets must be paid cash, by card (debit/credit) or by gift vouchers on-site.

ATM's are available in the immediate vicinity of the BOSSARD Arena (Roundabout General-Guisan-Street/Allmend Street or at the Herti shopping mall). It is not possible to pay tickets with the Arena Card or any other cashless cards.

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