Digital EVZ

In August 2018, the EVZ launched a new digital platform, which is the leader in the Swiss sports club market.

We have expanded the core system of the new platform, which had already been successfully introduced at two German Bundesliga football clubs, with additional components to form a powerful overall system.

In line with Industry 4.0, we have networked the most important system components using data technology. If an EVZ customer logs on to any system (e.g. website), he is automatically logged on to all other systems (e.g. ticketing). If a customer changes his master data (e.g. postal address) in one system (e.g. fan article web shop), these changes are also automatically changed in all other systems (e.g. ticket web shop).

Register as a user on our website (see icon in the top right-hand corner) in order to benefit from all the advantages. You can view and manage your season ticket on the ticketing portal ( no later than 5 working days later.

The digital platform launch was a major challenge for all involved, as no comparable solution has yet been implemented throughout Switzerland. EVZ, renowned for its innovative strength, is thus also playing a leading role in digitisation.

Advantages for our fans


  • Dynamic, responsive display on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Automated scaling of image content
  • Speaking URLs (e.g. "")
  • Prominent placement of news, videos, video snippets and galleries
  • Integration of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Social Media Hub)
  • Social sharing of content (videos, galleries and news)
  • Media database (photos and videos) with tag and meta mechanisms
  • Flexible user administration (roles and rights)
  • event calendar

Mobile app

  • Team and player presentation
  • Matchday dates incl. calendar download
  • Matchcenter including live ticker, line-ups and game statistics
  • Management interface for push messages
  • Integrated live replay function for match visitors in the BOSSARD Arena
  • betting game
  • Excellent security package with secure data transmission

Universal user login

  • You only need one login for all EVZ Digital systems (website, forum, ticket shop etc.).
  • Your personal data such as name, postal address etc. are valid for all EVZ Digital systems at the same time.

Individual user profile

  • You can define your own information requirements (e-newsletter, EISZEIT magazine, etc.).
  • You can store your bank details for refunds.
  • You can view and top up the balance stored on your cashless card.
  • In your profile you will find a complete history of all your EVZ transactions, such as ticket shop purchases, web shop purchases and gastronomic consumption paid for with your card.

Ticket webshop

  • Single login for all EVZ digital systems (website, forum, ticket shop, fan article web shop and cashless system)
  • Simulated 3D panoramic view from the selected seat
  • Print@home
  • Online payment by credit card
  • e-bill
  • Extension of the season ticket in the user profile

Ticket sharing

As the owner of an EVZ season ticket, you can manage your season ticket yourself.

  • You can send the ticket digitally and free of charge to a friend, without the cumbersome manual transfer of the effective tickets.

In your customer profile under "My Tickets", you can remove a single match from your season ticket by clicking on the "Print@Home or Generate Mobile Ticket" button. This creates a Print@Home and also a mobile ticket, which you can send to a friend by e-mail.

ATTENTION: As soon as you remove a game, your season ticket is no longer valid for that single game. The step cannot be undone. If you still want to come yourself, you must take the Print@Home or Mobile Ticket with you instead of your season ticket.

Ticket resale

As the owner of a Seat Season Ticket, you can manage your seats yourself.

If you are unable to attend a home match, you can pass the ticket on as follows:

  • You can activate the ticket on an EVZ resale platform. If the ticket is purchased there by another match visitor, we will credit a portion of the sales price to your customer account.

Fan articles webshop

  • Fully responsive display of all content on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Focus on a transparent and uncomplicated ordering process
  • one-page checkout
  • Graduated pricing incl. volume discounts and customer groups
  • Multiple currency support
  • Delivery status display and delivery traffic light
  • SSL support enables secure (payment) data transfer
  • Support of product options (e.g. engraving)
  • Product views with 360° view, zoom, videos and carousel
  • Wish, favourite and watch lists
  • Digital article support
  • Reminder function for re-availability
  • Shipping to several delivery addresses
  • Multiple shipping per purchase order (split delivery)
  • Shipping flat rates per order and/or item
  • Shipping preview in shopping cart
  • Purchase completion for guests (user registration and/or registration not compellingly)
  • Creation of user accounts before and after purchase possible
  • Storage of shopping cart stocks with configurable expiration time
  • Transaction mails (order and shipping confirmation, status updates, ...)
  • Search function with auto-completion and error tolerance

Internet forum (in website)

  • Dynamic, responsive display on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Online statistics about currently active visitors, members, guests and robots
  • Contributions from visitors, members or guests filterable
  • Forum members searchable by name, most posts, most approvals, most points or moderators
  • Display new members
  • New posts and profile news listable
  • Search in all forums, individual forums or subforums possible
  • Search by keywords possible
  • Own statistics regarding date of registration, last activity as well as number of contributions, approvals, contributions
  • Support of the popular "Tapatalk" forum app
  • Integration of own icons and emojis possible
  • Notification function for interaction with other forum visitors
  • Blacklisting of users, threads and posts possible


  • Dynamic, responsive display on all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Automated scaling of image content
  • Newsletter subscriptions themselves in the user profile select bar visitors
  • Blacklisting of users, threads and posts possible

Game center for National League (in website und mobile app)

  • game preview
  • spreadsheets
  • game schedules
  • game statistics
  • live ticker
  • teams
  • player profiles
  • photos
  • videos

Social media integration (in website)

Automatic display of :

  • Facebook Posts
  • Instagram Posts
  • tweets
  • YouTube

These posts will be displayed in a dedicated section of the website ("Social Media Hub") and in line with the topic (EVZ, Sport, Gastro etc.) of the current page.

Live video replay (in mobile app)


Only available via the stadium WIFI and during a match with Live TV broadcasting:

  • Game scenes can be rewound by swiping on the display.
  • The game scenes can be viewed from several camera positions.
  • The video image can be enlarged with two fingers on the display.
  • Playback of the video can be slowed down or stopped.
  • Pre-produced videos (e.g. interviews with players) can be played.

Member card

Access authorization for the Legends Club

The membership card entitles you to access the Legends Club. As a holder of a membership card, you can take guests with you. Guests will be given a bracelet at the entrance to the Legends Club with which they can freely enter the Legends Club the following evening. As the holder of a membership card, you are also free to accept such a wristband so that you do not have to show your membership card when accessing the club.

Payment on account

With the member card you can pay cashless or on a monthly invoice:

  • in the Legends Club
  • in the 67 sports bar
  • in the boxes
  • at the stalls


The new member card is valid for all seasons until a new card is received.

E-price lists at sales booths

If you want to buy drinks or food at our stalls in the BOSSARD Arena, you can read the available products directly on the LED displays above the stalls.

Free WLAN in the BOSSARD Arena


  • Free WIFI for all stadium visitors
  • Powerful access: all 7,200 visitors can stream videos simultaneously

Ticket scanner columns at the main entrance

Fast and secure access control:

  • When you hold your ticket or season pass under the laser scanner at the entrance gate, a green light appears to indicate the validity of your entry (as at the airport gate).
  • Our security staff can also verify your ticket or season ticket with mobile QR code scanners.

Advantages for our partners

Member card

Donors, sponsors and other VIPs can enjoy a membership card (see above "Advantages for our fans").

Staff card

EVZ junior players, media representatives as well as EVZ officials such as security staff or junior advisors receive an EVZ staff card:

  • in credit card format
  • with name and function
  • with portrait photo
  • with symbols for authorized areas
  • with validity


Advertising campaign management

Our sponsors and advertisers can use our digital platform for advertising purposes:

  • Sponsor-specific administration of campaigns and advertising space
  • Personalized and target-group-oriented customer approach
  • New target groups can be tapped through reach predictions
  • Integrated use of the CRM system
  • Interaction measurement for advertising videos
  • Extensive reporting options

Advantages for our employees

Website content management system (CMS)

  • Open source content management system based on TYPO3
  • Integrated search engine optimization
  • Extensive options for connecting external tools (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Search function in the media database for efficient content editing
  • Landingpage construction kit with layout templates
  • Drag & Drop editorial interface
  • Cross-selling modules for the presentation of shop content
  • Scheduled publishing of content
  • User-centered operating concept
  • Optimal placement of advertising space (AdServer)

App management


  • Native applications, specially tailored to the operating systems iOS and Android
  • Complete synchronization of the content with that of the website - no redundant data storage
  • Focus on learned, mobile operating concepts
  • Extension of the marketing possibilities in the native applications
  • Generation of push messages at the push of a button
  • End-device-specific control of advertising content with just a few clicks

Newsletter management

Create newsletter

  • Intuitive email newsletter editor
  • Responsive templates
  • Extensive personalization

Send newsletter

  • Shipping server with whitelisting
  • Email Marketing Automation

Evaluate newsletter

  • Detailed real-time reports
  • Visual Clickmaps
  • Exact multivariate clustering

Receiver management and integrations

  • Registration forms for recipient generation
  • Synchronization via interface
  • Bounce and deregistration management

Game center management

  • Automatic transfer of all statistical data from the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation SIHF
  • Constellation editorial interface

Gastro cash registers with cashless appliances

  • Fast payment transactions and short waiting times
  • On and offline operation
  • Numerous payment methods (cash, EC card, credit card, etc.)
  • Simple user interface on the cash register and in the backend
  • Numerous reporting and controlling options: Real-time monitoring and evaluations
  • Cashdesk, handheld and restaurant solution
  • Battery operation and waterproof hardware

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer and contact management

  • Familiar user interface via Microsoft Outlook, Agent Desktop or Web Client
  • Features for more productivity, such as auto-complete and smart search
  • Smooth import and simple duplicate checking of data records
  • Flexible functions for all service-related interactions

Sponsoring and advertisement management

  • Simple administration of sponsoring services
  • contract management
  • Optimized use of employees, pool vehicles and other resources

publishing management

  • Club Magazine Subscriptions
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • Further customer-specific information requirements

Active sales and support

  • Consistently integrated, holistic service processes that evoke positive customer reactions
  • Functions to easily show "presence“
  • telephone integration

Reports and evaluations

  • Analysis for sales forecasting and cross-selling/up-selling, purchasing behavior reports
  • Central service reports in standard or user-defined versions, easily configurable as required
  • Seamless integration with SQL Server Analyzing/Reporting Services (for OLAP, data mining and reporting)

Internal workflows

Interaction and knowledge management

  • Customizable working environment through a web browser, Microsoft Office Outlook, SharePoint or a custom interface
  • Fully integrated knowledge base with write and publish functions
  • Full email support with auto-response and automatic conversion of emails into queries
  • Process can be handed over to the next employee after processing one step
  • Contacts and pending items can be assigned from one employee to another

Fan article management (in webshop)

  • Open Source Shop Software Magento
  • Creation of theme or product landing pages in just a few steps
  • Extensive cross- and up-selling opportunities
  • Flexible pricing rules incl. gift vouchers

Automatic data synchronization

The user accounts and customer bases in website, CRM, fan article webshop, ticket webshop, forum, cashless system and accounting are automatically synchronized.

If, for example, a customer or an EVZ employee changes the postal address of this customer in one of these systems, this address is also automatically changed in all other systems.

Automatic data transmission

The following sales are automatically transferred to the accounting department:

  • Food and beverages sold in the BOSSARD Arena's restaurants and stalls
  • Tickets sold in the Ticket Webshop

For all Swiss NL and SL championship matches, the data of all teams, player profiles, match schedules, match progress and rankings are automatically transferred by the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SIHF) via a data interface to the Game Center on the EVZ website and app.

These automatic data transmissions relieve our employees of unproductive work and increase data quality.

VoIP telephone system

  • Telephoning via the Internet - no separate telephone line necessary any more
  • Telephoning with video possible
  • Integrated telephony and data transmission
  • cost savings
  • Location-independent - can also be used from a mobile laptop
  • Plug & Play
  • No classical telephone system necessary anymore
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