EVZ Donatoren Clubs

Impressionen von verschiedenen Veranstaltungen der EVZ Donatoren Clubs.


Wings ensures that the EVZ is networked with active heads from business and society and remains networked. And through this, new ideas and innovations are stimulated.Wings members are no grey eminences. They're getting involved. But not only materially. They provide the EVZ with a platform for dialogue. The club should know that there are people in the background who stand by its side and are ready to support it.

Chairman: Michael Fischer

Club 111 is a donor association of the EVZ. Personalities from Zug's economy, culture and politics support the EVZ and its junior staff financially. Club members experience all home matches up close and make interesting contacts in an exclusive and exciting environment.

Healthy ambitions, courageous performance - positive impulses.

Together we are creating a solid basis for sporting success that will take the entire Zug region further. With our annual contributions we support the EVZ, 20% of which are directly used for the promotion of young talent. Club 111 also makes an important social contribution to the youth of the region.

Chairman: Reto Schürmann

Our goal is to support the EVZ financially and to maintain and promote cohesion and camaraderie among club members. The cooperation and support goes beyond financial commitment. The EVZ can benefit from the large and broadly supported relationship field of the EVZ Crystal Club members, for example in the sponsoring area or when participating in events. In addition to the financial support that can be planned, our association offers the opportunity to cultivate and promote contacts among each other, to establish and maintain relationships, to hold personal introductions and company presentations during social and sporting events as well as during the monthly lunches.

We offer our members various benefits and events throughout the year, such as: Season ticket with seat in the VIP sector, access to the Legends Club (exclusive VIP area), Meet & Greet with the EVZ crew and crew, special events such as Gala, Crystal Night, Golf Trophy, Luncheons, etc...

Chairman: Yves Neupert

Club 78 is the oldest patronage association of the EV Zug and was founded in 1978. Club 78 is an association of donors with personalities who have a close-knit network of contacts. The members are committed to the EVZ and use the platform for social exchange.

Chairman: Bernhard Hasenmaile

The purpose of Club 555 is to support the EVZ financially and to promote and foster camaraderie and cohesion among club members. 

At least 80% of membership income goes to the EVZ's treasury. 30% of this must be expressly used for the interests of the next generation. We support young people so that the EVZ's share capital has a solid basis and because we care about our young people.

Chairman: Wädi Schneiter

The 67's Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club Zug is the latest patron association of the EVZ and was founded in 2022. The aim of the organisation is to provide a networking platform for the blockchain industry and to provide sustainable financial support for the further development of the EVZ. The founders of the EVZ Benefactors' Association are the three Zug entrepreneurs Reto Riser, Daniel Arpagaus and Cédric Schmid. In addition to the three founders, Ralf Glabischnig also sits on the board of the "Sixtyseven's", as it is called. Lina Fluri takes over the management of the office.

In addition to networking the industry and providing financial support to the EVZ, the initiators want to bring the blockchain world closer to the public and thus combine tradition and innovation. In doing so, the "67's Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club Zug" will act as a think tank and develop ideas and projects that make blockchain technology more tangible - this in cooperation with the EVZ, which is open and curious about this booming technology.

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