In 2012, the EVZ defined its mission statement with values, a vision and a mission for the future. Ten years later, we stand here and look back. The organization has worked hard, developed steadily and achieved great things together with fans, spectators, sponsors and patrons, employees and officials. With the championship titles in 2020/21 and 2021/22, the EVZ has ultimately achieved all the points of the vision from the 2012 mission statement:


  • With ambitious top athletes and our own young talent as a base, we are striving for the next title.
  • Our unique athletic and professional training and mentoring has appeal for top young talent throughout Switzerland.
  • Successful and spectacular ice hockey sport; innovative events and gastronomic experiences; unifying social activities; professional organization and secure financing: This is how we guarantee the long-term sporting and economic success of the EVZ.

We are proud of what we have achieved - but we are not resting on our laurels. We are doing very well - but we can and want to do even better. We are well equipped for the future and we want to tackle it! In the past year, we have intensively dealt with the areas in which we want to further develop the EVZ in the coming years and how we want to do this. We see our opportunities and challenges for the future, have defined goals and are embarking on the journey. The roadmap - the EVZ roadmap - is in place:

The debate and discussion around this important topic have shown: The EVZ stands for "MEH AS IISSPORT". The EVZ is more than the 1st team. More than a club, more than individual players. The EVZ is an organization with a great meaning for very many people: As a sports club, as an employer, as a role model. This privilege brings with it duties of which we are aware and which we would like to pursue even more consistently with the EVZ Roadmap. Not only the goal itself plays an important role, but also the motivation, the motives and the path to the goal.


Together into the future
The EVZ Roadmap shows all aspects of the EVZ organization and shows us the way into the future. Some points we are already doing well, others still have a lot of potential. We are looking forward to the common challenge and take the whole EVZ family with us on this journey. In regular intervals we will inform on this page about the next stations. >> EVZ Roadmap as PDF

Together with the introduction of the new EVZ timetable, the EVZ is also launching a new documentary series, which will provide a look behind the scenes over the next few years. Four episodes of about 15-20 minutes will be released per year. The 1st episode is an "extended version" of just over half an hour, showing the story from May 7, 2021 to May 7, 2022 - from the 2nd Swiss championship title in the club's history to the successful title defense in front of thousands of fans and the championship parade through the city of Zug.

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