Fan Clubs

Fan Club Zug

The EVZ Fan Club Zug was founded in 1980 in Steinhausen. The purpose of the fan club is to support the first team and the junior program, travel to the away games, and to maintain the camaraderie of the fans.


Activities : Bowling, Minigolf, chat during hockey games, Europa Park Rust,

Number of Members : 360

Membership Fee : Families: 50.-, Adults: 30-, Children: 20.-

Contact: Viktor Alexandre, President        


The Fan club "Red-Fox“ was founded in 1992. The club aims to support EVZ in the games by cheering loudly as well as to maintain camaraderie among the club members.


Activities : BBQ Lunches, Minigolf, Bowling

Active Members : 70


Contact : EVZ Fanclub Red-Fox, PO BOX 7, 6422 Steinen,

Black Scorpion

The fan club black scorpion was founded in 1993 and is located in the Küssnacht region.


Activities: BBQ Lunches, chat about ice hockey games, fan club tour.

Active members : 35-40

contact: Tobias Schuler,


Ice Breakers Fan club was founded in 2002 by about 15 EVZ fans. The goal is to support EVZ in good times and in bad. The fan club gets bigger every year. During the games in the Hertistrasse Stadium, most fan club members were in the middle oft he standing room section. With the move to the new stadium, the members spread out in the stadium, some are still in the standing section, while others have switched to the seats.


Activities: Road Trips to away games, Bowling, Fondue

Active Members : 37


Contact : Nina Suter,

Pirates Nidwalden

The idea of ​​this fan club is to support EVZ during the games and meet for social gatherings on and off the ice.


Contact : President, Michaela Niederberger

Pilatus Luzern

On May 25th, 1994 the fan club Pilatus Luzern was founded at the Restaurant Wichlern in Kriens. With great enthusiasm, members were recruited, meetings scheduled, and a 4.25 m2 large banner out of patches was made. Thanks to new members, patrons and patch sales, the group was already able to have balanced finances at the first official GV in May 1994, which took place in the riding hall in Eschenbach. Afterwards, contacts were sought with other fan clubs and friendships were concluded with fan club Glärnisch and a fan club of Lausanne (Section North Vaudoise).


Activities: Bowling, jass-trophy, summer occasions, chat during hockey games, participate in the Skateathon

Active Members: 55-65

Contact: Contact us through our website, (About us, Contact information)

Der 7. Mann - Herti Nordkurve

The Fanclub “der 7. Mann – Hertinordkurve“ became official in fall of 1998. The founders wanted to distinguish themselves from the existing fan clubs. The aim was to improve the mood during the game and they prevailed. They got new drums and one of the members supported them by playing the trumpet. In addition, the people were more actively participating. One can say that “der 7. Mann” was for years one of the leading fan groups for 'setting the mood'. To this day we are still trying to contribute and help EVZ.


Activities: Bowling in the evenings, BBQ lunch, boat trips

Active members: 25



Red-Tower Blue-Fire

The EVZ FanClub Red-Blue-Fire Tower Rothenthurm has only existed since 4 December 2012. On a coach trip to an away game in Fribourg, the fan club was founded by three members.


Activities: Trips

Active Members: 8




Contact: President, Heinz Schmid, 

Crazy Hornets



Contact: President, Stefan Christen, 


Active Members: 12

Contact: Michael Dülgeroglu, President,