General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions - Ticketing

The event visitors accept the following terms and conditions as the basis for attending an event of the EVZ, respectively its companies EVZ Sport AG and The Hockey Academy AG.

1. With the purchase of a ticket or entry into the BOSSARD Arena, visitors accept the following EVZ General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and take note of the fact that, in the event of non-compliance with these terms and conditions, they may be excluded from the event without compensation.

2. Upon entry to the BOSSARD Arena with reduced rate tickets, the EVZ reserves the right to request valid proof of identity (such as an ID card, driving license, resident's permit, etc.). Children under 6 years of age are only permitted to enter the BOSSARD Arena when accompanied by an adult.

3. Print@home and E-tickets will be checked with a scanner on entry to the event. If the QR code on a ticket cannot be read by the electronic access system and the QR code is not recognisable then there shall be no entitlement to entry to the event. If a visitor is turned away because of this, there shall be no right to claim a refund of the ticket price. The first person to present a print@home or e-ticket may enter to attend the event, the ticket cannot then be used again for entry. Copying, altering or falsifying of tickets is prohibited. Tickets should be protected from dirt and damage. Any violation will be prosecuted and in addition an action brought in civil law.

4. Entry to attend an EVZ event is only permitted with a valid ticket (single ticket or season ticket). The ticket allows admittance only once, i.e. in the event of early exit from the BOSSARD Arena during a game or an event, the ticket loses its validity. Tickets are printed showing the respective area and seat number in the arena and are valid for that place. They should be kept safe until the end of the event and presented to security staff on request.

5. When entering the BOSSARD Arena, spectators can be searched for forbidden objects, without any grounds for suspicion, all over the body by persons of the same gender (body search). Likewise, when entering the BOSSARD Arena, visitors’ identity may be controlled and recorded, without grounds for suspicion. To this end, a visitor’s face and also identity card (official identity document such as ID, driver's license, resident’s permit, etc.) may be photographed. The data collected is used to match the identity with any entries in the HOOGAN information system and to check for any criminal record. In the event of a refusal to undergo a body search and/or identity check, access to the BOSSARD Arena will be denied without compensation.

6. Visitors to events undertake to strictly observe all security and organisational rules and all relevant instructions, whether given verbally or in writing by the security staff before, during or after the event.

7. Taking and leaving seats is only allowed during breaks in the game. Return or exchange of tickets is totally excluded. Lost or misplaced tickets will not be replaced. If an event is postponed then the ticket is valid automatically for the new date. If a match is abandoned (floodlight failure, fog, etc.) and must be held again, the ticket remains valid for the replacement event. No further compensation claims may be asserted. If the newly arranged game is played behind closed doors (e.g. due to an injunction following hooliganism) then tickets lose their validity and no compensation claims may be asserted.

8. For security reasons, visitors to the BOSSARD Arena are filmed by CCTV. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire BOSSARD Arena except in designated zones. It is strictly prohibited to bring and use glass containers, plastic bottles, cans, any weapons, or items that resemble weapons, any type of firework, petard, pyrotechnic and laser devices. All such items will be confiscated and destroyed. The bringing and use of megaphones and flags is allowed but strictly controlled. Throwing objects onto the ice is forbidden and will be punished.

For any misconduct that violates the stadium regulations or leads to the issuance of a stadium ban, the person concerned will be charged an administration fee of a flat rate of CHF 350. The organizer also reserves the right to charge fines for violations and the resulting expenses directly to the offending persons, whereby several offending persons at the same time are jointly and severally liable for these costs.

9. Photography and filming in the BOSSARD Arena: Photography and filming require the prior written consent of EVZ. In the course of the event, the EVZ or the Organiser may take photographs or make video recordings which are intended for advertising purposes or for use in the social media. With the purchase of the ticket, the visitor gives his consent to these recordings.

10. These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Swiss Code of Obligations, unless any differing provisions are contained therein.

11. Furthermore, the Zug BOSSARD Arena Stadium Regulations and the regulations of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation shall apply.

12. Visitors to events recognise that Zug shall be the sole jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.


EVZ / 2022

General terms and conditions - Ticket insurance

For a risk-free ticket purchase, you can use the ticket refund program of JM Marketing Ltd, represented by Ltd. You can cover yourself in case you are unable to make it to our event for insured reasons.
Full details of the terms & conditions of the Ticket Reimbursement Program can be found here 

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