EISZEIT – the EVZ magazine!

The EISZEIT magazine has not only received a new, modern and sporty design, but also a new concept: four issues of EISZEIT Sport shed light on the sporting development of the EISZEIT and are included in the season ticket (circulation 5,500 copies). Two of the four issues will also be distributed in large editions (65,000 copies) to all households in Canton Zug.

Four issues of EISZEIT Business (edition: 2000 copies) are primarily aimed at patrons and sponsors and focus on the business and social EVZ environment. Ice hockey topics are also included in these issues.

The matchflyer was also adapted to the new design of the magazine and is now calld EISZEIT Live.

Subscription price EISZEIT Sport + Business, including shipping: CHF 56.00
Subscription price EISZEIT Sport, including shipping: CHF 28.00
Subscription price EISZEIT Business, including shipping: CHF 28.00

Interested in a subscription? Then please contact eiszeit@evz.ch or 041 725 31 00.

Of course, you can also order your subscription directly using the order form below.

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