Finally a sense of achievement for the EVZ Farmteam

Swiss League
Thursday, 04.11.2021 // 17:30

After 15 defeats, the farm team EVZ Academy has won the last two games. Defender Dario Sidler (18) speaks of a spirit of optimism and a very instructive time.

6:4 away win last Sunday in La Chaux-de-Fonds, 3:2 home win on Tuesday against Visp, six points against the teams in third and fourth place in the current standings: After weeks of frustrating results and defeats, the EVZ Academy team finally had a much-needed sense of achievement.

Dario Sidler does not want to talk about a turnaround yet. "We are the youngest team in the league and have to continue to work hard against the older and more experienced teams to be able to score. But the two wins have certainly given us power and a boost. If I remember correctly, we have never won against Visp, and La Chaux-de-Fonds has also been one of the top teams in the Swiss League for years. Now we know that with our game we can also hold our own against teams from the first half of the rankings."

The 18-year-old defender, who made seven appearances with the 1st team last season, reports a sense of optimism in the team. "Most of us became Swiss champions last year with the U20-Elit and have a winner's mentality. If you then suddenly lose more than ten games in a row, you already start to brood and it becomes difficult to keep morale high. That's why we spoke out a few games ago. We told ourselves that we could play better individually and as a team, and we wanted to try a fresh start. Since then, we've had better practices, better games and better emotions. And now, finally, two such important successes have been added!"

Dario Sidler, who was converted from a forward to a defenseman only a few years ago, however, also describes the phase of many defeats as a very instructive time: "When you are 18 years old and can play almost 20 minutes in every game and can play power play as well as penalty killing, then it is an extremely valuable experience. Especially since we are challenged enormously with our young team in every game, especially on the defensive end."

Experiencing success is important for the team of Head Coach Fabio Schumacher and Assistant Coach and Head of Training Roger Hansson not only in the current situation, but also with regard to the future. "Every player knows that it's over with the EVZ farm team after this season and it's also about a job for next season," confirms Dario Sidler. Of course, he is fighting for a place in the 1st team, but at the moment he still wants to achieve several goals this season: The pre-playoffs with the farm team, the U20 World Cup 2021 with Switzerland in Edmonton, the successful graduation from the training program "The Hockey Academy" next spring.

Perhaps the next hoped-for appearances in the Zug National League team will also be enough in the current season. But first and foremost, Dario Sidler and his teammates want to show the Swiss League officials in the coming months that they were wrong to want the EVZ farm team out of the league!

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