General information:
The hockey school is an offer for children aged 4 to 8 years (born 2014-2018) and is under expert guidance. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. We kindly ask you to fill out the online registration form in advance and bring the printed "PDF Material" with you. Meeting point is at the main entrance of the BOSSARD Arena. The number of participants in the field hockey school is limited.

>> online registration form Hockey School (final registration will be done on site)
>> PDF material (please fill in and print out)


Dates 2022/23: Wednesdays at BOSSARD Arena in Zug

17.00-17.45h: age group 2017 and 2018
17.45-18.30h: age group 2014, 2015 and 2016

WeekDatesAge group 2017/2018Age group 2014/2015/2016Location
4326.10.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
4402.11.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
4406.11.202213:00-14:00 Start 1. Group14:15-15:15 Start 2. GroupAcademy Arena
4509.11.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
4616.11.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
4723.11.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
4830.11.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
49No hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey school
5014.12.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
5121.12.202217:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
52No hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey school
1No hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey schoolNo hockey school
211.01.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
318.01.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
425.01.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
501.02.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
608.02.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
715.02.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
822.02.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena
901.03.202317:00-17:4517:45-18:30BOSSARD Arena


Costs: The field hockey school is free of charge. Only the rink entrance fee of Fr. 2.50 and a deposit of Fr. 50.- for the training outfit has to be paid at the entrance on site.

Skates, stick, helmet and gloves are mandatory.
Helmet and gloves can be rented from the EVZ.
Leg and elbow pads recommended, training dress will be provided.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

The EVZ is looking forward to your visit!

Presenting Partner Hockey School Young Bulls:



Bruna Ertürk
Leadership Hockey school
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