Results U11

08.00 - 08.35EV Zug WeissEHC Olten3:9
8.00 - 08.35EV Zug BlauArgovia Stars3:3
08.40 - 09.15EHC Zunzgen-SissachEHC Uzwil14:4
08.40 - 09.15SC Bern FutureHC Lugano5:5
09.30 - 10.05EV Zug WeissEHC Uzwil6:3
09.30 - 10.05EV Zug BlauSC Bern Future2:8
10.10 - 10.45EHC OltenHC Lugano4:9
10.10 - 10.45EHC Zunzgen-SissachArgovia Stars6:1
11.00 - 11.35EV Zug WeissArgovia Stars4:5
11.00 - 11.35EV Zug BlauHC Lugano3:11
11.40 - 12.15EHC Zunzgen-SissachSC Bern Future3:10
11.40 - 12.15EHC OltenEHC Uzwil9:4
12.30 - 13.05EV Zug WeissSC Bern Future2:6
12.30 - 13.05EV Zug BlauEHC Uzwil11:8
13.10 - 13.45EHC Zunzgen-SissachHC Lugano6:12
13.10 - 13.45EHC OltenArgovia Stars10:3
14.00 - 14.35EV Zug WeissHC Lugano3:9
14.00 - 14.35EV Zug BlauEHC Zunzgen-Sissach7:13
14.40 - 15.15SC Bern FutureEHC Olten3:3
14.40 - 15.15EHC UzwilArgovia Stars11:5
15.30 - 16.05EV Zug WeissEHC Zunzgen-Sissach3:11
15.30 - 16.05EV Zug BlauEHC Olten4:6
16.10 - 16.45HC LuganoArgovia Stars12:5
16.10 - 16.45SC Bern FutureEHC Uzwil11:5
17.00 - 17.35EV Zug WeissEV Zug Blau2:6
17.00 - 17.35Argovia StarsSC Bern Future0:14
17.40 - 18.15EHC OltenEHC Zunzgen-Sissach9:4
17.40 - 18.15EHC UzwilHC Lugano4:15


René Ryhner
Organisation Skateathon/Tournament
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