Achermann Noah2014CH
Amgwerd Gian2013CH
Back Lennox2013CH
Beiersdörfer Til2015CH
Belorde Alexander2013FR
Besmer This2015CH
Binzegger Ben2013CH
Bitzi Livio2013CH
Bondarev Egor2013RU
Brander Seven2013CH
Braschler Nina2014CH
Camci Melis2015CH
Camci Naim2013CH
Daron Daniel2013CH
Foresti Andrea2014CH
Gehringer Nino2013CH
Gut Leon2014CH
Herzog Roan2013CH
Hiltbrunner Noah2015CH
Inäbnit Elena2014CH
Inäbnit Luca2014CH
Kaiser Andri2015CH
Kazakov Micheil2014CH
Koch Livio2014CH
Krapf Nils2013CH
Levi Thai2014CH
Lüdke Kimi2015CH
Lüdke Neo2015CH
Merz Feric2013CH
Moser Noè2013CH
Moser Simon2013CH
Müller Matt2013CH
Pruski Max2013CH
Raimann Noel2013CH
Rüegsegger Lenny2014CH
Schicker Levin2014CH
Schärer Lucas2013CH
Serena Neo2014CH
Setzer Maximilian2013CH
Smith Charles2014GB
Spahr Stefano Raheem2014CH
Syfrig Lou2013CH
Thermann Finn2013CH
Ticu llya2014CH
Tim Luca Wirz2014CH
Zurfluh Yaron2013CH
Zwikker Dean2015CH

Team Manager

Franz Wunderlin
Team Manager U9

Head of Youth Sport

Matthias Hügli

Leiter Erfassung / Head Coach U13-Elit

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