EVZ now has a further platform for training young ice-hockey players in the shape of the Swiss League farm team EVZ Academy. The EVZ Academy team is not to be confused with the education concept «The Hockey Academy», which was launched in 2014. 

EVZ Performance Teams

The Swiss League farm team, EVZ Academy, supplements the junior performance teams, Elite Juniors A, and the Novices Elite, and should fill the gap between the Elite Juniors and the EVZ 1st team in the National League. The goal is to give young players the opportunity to gain experience and practice in playing at a high level and therefore make the jump into the top Swiss league easier. In the medium term only young players at or below the age of 23 will play in the Swiss League team EVZ Academy, and preferably only those from our own junior teams. Training young players is a top priority for the NLB team, EVZ Academy.



The Hockey Academy – Educational Concept

The Hockey Academy is a new educational concept in Switzerland, which gives players an ideal combination of sport, education and profession and can be compared to an apprenticeship with a business orientation but customized to an athlete’s requirements. The focus lies in the best training in sport with top trainers and mentors, a perfect training structure, optimal around the clock care as well as a solid basic education for a future profession. Alongside sporting, professional and educational skills, social skills are also encouraged, in order to give athletes the best possible basis for their future. Depending on their age and performance standard, The Hockey Academy athletes – as all EVZ junior players – will have the chance to play either with the Novice Elites, the Elite Juniors A, EVZ Academy (Swiss League) or in the 1st team. 


Further information on the training concept and the athletes can be found here.