With the Swiss League farm team EVZ Academy, EVZ has another platform for training young ice hockey players. The new EVZ Academy team should not be confused with the educational concept The Hockey Academy, which was launched in 2014.

EVZ Performance Teams
The new Swiss League farm team EVZ Academy complements the junior performance teams U20-Elit and U17-Elit and is intended to close the gap between the U20-Elit and the first team of the EVZ in the National League. The aim is to give young players the opportunity to gain experience and play practice at a high level and thus enable them to advance to the highest league in Switzerland. In the medium term, the Swiss League team EVZ Academy will exclusively use young players aged 23 and younger, preferably from their own offspring. The education of young players is the main focus of the Swiss League team EVZ Academy.

The Hockey Academy - Educational Concept
The Hockey Academy is an educational concept that is unique in Switzerland and enables athletes to combine sport, education and career in the best possible way. It can be compared to an apprenticeship with a commercial orientation - adapted to the needs of athletes. The focus is on the best sports training with outstanding coaches and supervisors, ideal training infrastructure, optimal support around the clock, which also includes a solid basic vocational training for later. The commercial apprenticeship is realised in cooperation with the partner Vinto and is optimally geared to the needs of the athletes to be trained in a flexible 2+2 training model. In addition to sports, professional and schooling, social skills are also to be promoted in order to be able to offer the athletes an ideal basis for the future. Depending on their age and performance level, the athletes of The Hockey Academy - like all other young EVZ players - have the opportunity to play with the U17-Elit, U20-Elit, EVZ Academy (Swiss League) or in the 1st team.

More information about the training concept and the athletes can be found on the website of The Hockey Academy.