# Name Year Nationality
40 Janser Dario 2008 CH
60 Birchler Matia 2007 CH
88 Lang Janick 2008 CH


# Name Year Nationality
7 Moret Dorian 2007 CH
15 Sauser Flavio 2007 CH
18 Burri Levi 2008 CH
19 Schilter Dario 2006 CH
21 Van Gessel 2008 CH
43 Andri Flavio 2007 CH
44 Guzzi Daniele 2008 CH
48 Langenegger Simon 2007 CH


# Name Year Nationality
9 Cioffo Valentino 2008 CH
10 Aregger Louis 2008 CH
11 Daron Jan 2008 CH/CZE
12 Birchler Nils 2008 CH
14 Besmer Jeremy 2008 CH
17 Deplazes Jamie 2007 CH
22 Lehmann Lucien 2007 CH
26 Lutz Yanis 2007 CH
27 Bruckbach Lars 2007 CH
28 Müller Aron 2008 CH
29 Körner Gian 2007 CH
34 Frauchiger Evan 2007 CH
35 Longpré Mathieu 2008 CH
47 Meier Ramon 2007 CH


Christa Huber
EN - Stufenleiterin / Betreuerin U17-Elit


Sven Lindemann

Head Coach U17-Elit

Yannick Blaser

Assistant Coach U17-Elit

Marco Mathis

Goalie Coach U20 & U17

Ted Suihkonen

Head of Development

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