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Success takes more than talent and will - The Hockey Academy creates the ideal conditions for the path to the top.

The Hockey Academy is a unique training concept in Switzerland that enables athletes to combine sport, training and career in the best possible way and can be compared to a commercial apprenticeship or sports high school - adapted to the needs of the athletes. The focus is on the best sporting education with outstanding coaches and trainers, ideal training structures, optimum support around the clock, which also includes solid basic professional training for later. Since 2020, The Hockey Academy has been working together with its training partner OYM College, which is located directly in the OYM Competence Center for Elite Athletics and Research in Cham.

The OYM College offers an appropriate training program for all training levels. The training courses follow the federal requirements and guidelines.

  • 4 years: grammar school (SPF business and law)
  • 2 + 2 years: Business people E and B profile in the SOG model (2 years school + 2 years internship)

In addition to sporting, professional and academic skills, social skills should also be promoted in order to provide the athletes with an ideal basis for the future. Depending on their age and performance level, athletes from The Hockey Academy - like all other EVZ junior players - have the opportunity to play for the U17 Elite, U20 Elite or the 1st team.

«I wish The Hockey Academy had been around when I put all my eggs in one basket to become a professional ice hockey player.»

Lino Martschini, EVZ Player


Only selected athletes with the best prospects in the tough ice hockey business are given the unique opportunity to train as professional ice hockey players at The Hockey Academy in Zug. Various selection criteria apply. However, all junior players receive the same level of support and professional support on their way to becoming NL professionals, as they all take part in the same training sessions and benefit from the same coaches. Where possible, the team's own juniors are integrated.

Athletes from The Hockey Academy benefit from unique success factors:

  • Flexible, holistic training
  • The best coaches and specialists
  • Ideal training infrastructure in the new OYM Competence Center for Elite Athletics and Research
  • Playing practice embedded in the competition system
  • Solid professional foundation

everyone is a winner

The first specific training to become a professional hockey player is based on a unique "all-are-winners model" and offers a real alternative to migrating to foreign junior leagues.

The Hockey Academy" brings benefits and profit for everyone:

  • For the athlete on his way to becoming a professional hockey player, which lays a professional foundation for the time after his career.
  • For the family, who will be relieved in all respects by the all-round care of the player at his training facility.
  • For the EVZ, which opens up a source of promising young players for its fan team.
  • For the players' other home clubs, which receive a return on investment with training units and know-how from "The Hockey Academy" or a fully trained elite player for their own professional team.
  • Last but not least, the entire national ice hockey team and the Swiss national team benefit from highly trained young talents who also excel at international level.
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