Season tickets

Thank you for your interest in an EVZ season ticket. Currently no season tickets can be purchased.

Contrary to information to the contrary, there is also no waiting list (see FAQ season card).

We plan to contact our current season ticket holders in writing at the beginning of June 2023 regarding an extension. After the payment deadline and processing time, probably in the course of July 2023, it will be known whether and which season ticket places will be available. We will communicate the possibilities of a potential purchase of season tickets here and through our other channels.

Tickets of the individual games (seats and standing room) are available at the EVZ Ticketshop as well as at the EVZ Marketplace shortly before the season starts.

Thank you for your attention and understanding,
Your EVZ


By registering your EVZ online account, you can easily manage your season tickets digitally.


Register in the EVZ Tickets app with the same email address as your EVZ online account.

This way, you can securely and easily pass on your season tickets and/or individual tickets digitally, assign them to another person or resell them on the EVZ Marketplace - anytime and anywhere on a mobile device.


In your EVZ online account, you can view your tickets online, place them on the EVZ Marketplace, benefit from special offers and adjust your profile data.


Resale Platform

You cannot attend a home game or you are looking for a one-way ticket?  

As a seat season ticket holder, you can resell your seat for individual games using the EVZ Tickets App or the EVZ Ticketshop - more information is available at:  

EVZ Marketplace


In your customer profile you can enter and change your personal profile data such as personal data, address, communication data as well as season ticket information  - new registration or directly to login

Download instructions for new registrations


Sector plan

Seat plan

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