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EIS Fäscht

For a vibrant Zug

EVZ remains true to the motto of its 50th club anniversary and has been organizing the public festival "EIS Fäscht" since 2021. Originally, "EIS Fäscht" was the postponed championship celebration that unfortunately fell through due to COVID-19. The festival was a great success, which is why it continued to be held in the following years. With this event, EVZ aims to give back to the Zug region and its population, marking the beginning of the new hockey season together. In addition to a sporting component (games of the Men's and Women's Team as well as various youth teams), there is always an autograph session, a diverse family program, and concerts.


Since 2012, EVZ has been conducting the popular health project Fit4Zug, thereby advocating for sports promotion and the health of the Zug population.

As one of the sporting and societal flagship organizations in the canton, EVZ aims to inspire the broader population to engage in active movement and sports through the Fit4Zug initiative. Together with EVZ players and prominent figures from the Zug community, spanning business, politics, and society, you have the opportunity to participate in a diverse program.

Participation is free, and no registration is required. Events take place in all weather conditions. Each participant receives a small gift on-site. Naturally, the attending players also distribute autographs and are available for photos.

Goals of Fit4Zug: 
- EVZ promotes fitness across the canton of Zug alongside local personalities.
- Fit4Zug encourages the Zug population to embrace more physical activity and find enjoyment in sports.
- Fit4Zug strengthens community bonds, emphasizing that it's more enjoyable to engage in activities together.

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Since 2015, EVZ, in collaboration with the main sponsors Sika and Novartis, has been organizing the popular student initiative "EVZ TSCHEGGT DINI SCHUEL"!

The concept of the student initiative is simple: A player from EVZ visits a classroom in the Zug region. In return, the class is invited to attend an EVZ National League home game. During the school visit, the players will share insights into their lives as semi-professional or professional athletes. Additionally, there is an increased focus on addressing social and sustainable topics such as physical activity, teamwork, motivation, determination, and nutrition. EVZ is aware of its societal role and aims to serve as a role model, deliberately strengthen awareness of the mentioned topics, and act responsibly. The primary school students in the Zug region are sensitized in an engaging manner.

Through this initiative, around 2,000 students annually have the opportunity to welcome a player into their classroom. Starting from the 2023/24 season, classes are directly contacted, and there is no longer a registration process. The catchment area has also been more specifically aligned with the Zug region.

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