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EVZ Marketplace

With the EVZ Marketplace, season ticket holders with assigned seats have the opportunity to resell them, providing other fans with the chance to purchase these tickets.

"The demand for seats at EVZ's National League games in the BOSSARD Arena is high, and only a limited number of tickets are typically available in the EVZ Ticket Shop. In addition to the EVZ Ticket Shop, EVZ provides the EVZ Marketplace where seat tickets can be resold. This allows season ticket holders the opportunity to resell their seat tickets for individual games through an official EVZ Marketplace."

Season Ticket Holders: Owners of seat season tickets have the option, through the EVZ Tickets App or the EVZ Ticket Shop, to offer their ticket for resale on the EVZ Marketplace if they are unable or unwilling to use it. This provides an opportunity for other fans to acquire the ticket. In the event of a successful resale, the buyer of a season ticket will be credited with their share of the selling price per game. After a successful resale, the season ticket or digital ticket will be deactivated for entry to the respective game at the BOSSARD Arena - Download Resale Ticket Instructions.

Purchasing Tickets: Through the EVZ Marketplace, you have the opportunity to acquire additional seat tickets in addition to the Ticket Shop. To purchase a ticket, you need a My EVZ login - New Registration Online Account or directly log in - Login.

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