Fanclub Zug

The EVZ Fanclub Zug was founded in 1980 in Steinhausen. The purpose of the fan club is to support the first team and the EVZ juniors and to travel together to away games.

Activities: Bowling, mini golf, ice hockey fun games, Europapark Rust, Schiffs-Zmorge
Number of members: 360
Membership fee: Family: 50, Adults: 30, Adolescents: 20
Contact: Viktor Alexandre, Präsident,



The fan club "Red Fox" was founded in 1992. The aim of the club is to support our EVZ at the games and to maintain good friendship among the club members throughout the year.

Activities: barbecue, mini golf, bowling
Number of members: 70
Contact: EVZ Fanclub Red-Fox, Postfach 7, 6422 Steinen,


Black Scorpion

The fanclub Black Scorpion was founded in 1993 and is located in the Küssnacht region.

Activities: barbecue fun, ice hockey fun games, fan club outing
Number of members: 35-40
Contact: Tobias Schuler,



The fanclub was founded in 2002 by about 15 EVZ fans. The aim was to support the EVZ in good and bad times. The fan club has grown over the years. During the games in the Herti, most of the fanclub members could be found in the standing room in the middle of the standing room ramp. With the move to the new stadium, the members were distributed around the stadium, some are still on the standing room ramp, others have changed seats.

Activities: joint trips to away games, bowling, fondue dinner
Number of members: 37
Contact: Nina Suter,


Pirates Nidwalden

The idea of this fan club is to support the EVZ in its games and that we meet for social gatherings on or next to the ice.

Contact: Michaela Niederberger, Präsidentin,

Pilatus Luzern

On 25 May 1994 the fan club Pilatus Luzern was founded in the restaurant Wichlern in Kriens. Members were recruited with great enthusiasm, meetings were arranged, patches were produced, and a 4.25 m2 flag was produced. Thanks to new members, patrons and patch sales, the 1st official general meeting in May 1994, which took place in the riding hall in Eschenbach, was already in the black. Subsequently, contacts were sought with other fan clubs and friendships were made with the Glärnisch fan club and a fan club in Lausanne (North Vaudoise section).

Activities: Bowling, Jass tournament, summer activities, conversations during the hockey games, participation in the skateathon
Active members: 55-65
Contact: Kontaktiere uns über unsere Webseite, (Über uns, Kontakt) 

Der 7. Mann - Herti Nordkurve

The fan club "der 7. man - Hertinordkurve" was officially founded in autumn 1998, before that it already existed one or two years unofficially as ""Action Committee"". The reason for this was that the founders wanted to set themselves apart from the existing fan clubs because they thought they were getting old and sluggish. The aim of the action committee was to combat the slackness of sentiment that prevailed in their eyes at the time. They got new timpani and one of the members supported the fan songs with the trumpet. In addition, many conversations were held to encourage people to take an active part again. One can say that the 7th men belonged some years to the leading fan clubs concerning the mood. Meanwhile, the members have grown a little older and leave it to the younger generation to fuel the mood. Nevertheless, we are still trying to make our contribution to support the EVZ. In addition to visiting the games, some members also help as officials or are actively on hand when help is needed.

Activities: Bowling evening, barbecue fun, inflatable boat trips
Number of members: 25


Red-Tower Blue-Fire

The EVZ Fanclub Red-Tower Blue-Fire Rothenthurm is the youngest fanclub and has only existed since December 4, 2012, when the fanclub was founded by three members during the Carfahrt away game to Fribourg.

Activities: activities
Number of members: 8



The EVZ Fan Club section Arth-Schwyz was founded at the beginning of the 1987/88 season. As the fan community shifted in the years rather towards Arth-Goldau, the board decided to change its name to EVZ Fanclub Arth-Goldau. With the blue fanclub jackets, among other things in the first row of seats above the standing ramp, most of us have already noticed. In addition to the home games, an away game is visited together every season. In addition, the traditional Fondü fun, summer barbecue event with family and the reintroduced Rigi weekend at the end of the season take place every season.

Activities: Fondü fun, barbecue, Rigi weekend 



The EVZ Fan Club Bündnerland, founded in Chur in 2000, consists of around 25 Bündners and homesick allies who support the EVZ in good and bad times. In order to achieve this goal, members are also not too bad to travel across Europe and even the world or even just travel for a home game 3h. You can find us at all games at the home games on the side of the standing ramp right at the guest player's entrance next to the colleagues of the Fan Club Red Fox. Among the annual club highlights are the general meeting in Chur followed by a drink or the "ship breakfast" on the beautiful Zugersee.


Activities: GV in Chur, Ship breakfast, CHL and Away Trips
Number of members: 24

Crazy Hornets

Blue Boys

For several years some young Engelbergerger with the EVZ have been raving and regularly visit home and away matches of the first team. In 2013 the EVZ fan club "Blue Boys" was founded in the legendary "Spindle" in Engelberg.

Activities: joint trips to home and away matches, general meeting on 1 August, regular meetings of members for further activities
Number of members: 20
Contact: Präsident, Stefan Christen,


Cozy get-togethers before, during and after games from the EVZ. One away match per season will be attended together. Further events will be held during the season / year. These are often tied to home matches during the season.

Number of members: 12
Contact: Präsident, Dülgeroglu Michael,