Safety and evacuation exercise with spectators in the BOSSARD Arena

Friday, 09.09.2022 // 16:30

Following the Champions Hockey League match on Saturday, September 10 against TPS Turku, the EVZ security service will conduct a security and evacuation exercise. The EVZ asks the spectators present for assistance and active support.

In the event of an incident during an NL match, the security service is responsible for evacuating the BOSSARD Arena. Various technical aids also support the safety of spectators in the stadium. These are checked annually during the off-season for functionality. The topic of safety is a top priority for the EVZ. In order to be able to guarantee security in the stadium at all times and to prepare its own security service for such incidents in the best possible way, the EVZ would like to recreate a realistic exercise scenario.


The simulated scenario: About 10 minutes after the end of the Champions Hockey League match against TPS Turku, a fire is simulated in a catering stand at the BOSSARD Arena due to a short circuit. The fire alarm system triggers an alarm. The security service inquires about the situation. Due to the smoke development, the overall head of security of the EVZ decides to call up the fire department and to evacuate the BOSSARD Arena.

In order to simulate the security exercise as realistically as possible for the security service, the EVZ asks the spectators present to remain in their seats for another 5-10 minutes after the end of the game and then to follow the instructions of the loudspeaker announcements. Only the spectator area (standing & seated) of the arena will be effectively evacuated. The restaurant areas on the 1st floor, the boxes on the 2nd floor as well as the dressing rooms in the basement are not in the focus of the exercise. EVZ CEO Patrick Lengwiler: "We hope that something like this will never happen in reality, but we want to prepare ourselves as well as possible. Therefore, this exercise is very valuable for our security service in cooperation with the blue light organization of Zug. These experiences help our security service and thus also the safety of our spectators."

The EVZ would like to thank all spectators who will support us as extras during the safety exercise.


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