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FAQ Stadium visit

When does the BOSSARD Arena open before a home game?

National League: Doors open 75 minutes before the start of each game, i.e. if the game starts at 7.45 pm, the arena opens at 6.30 pm.

For Women's Team home games, doors open 45 minutes before the start of the game.

Can I buy individual tickets at the box office?

Standing room tickets for the home sector are available at the main box office of the BOSSARD Arena from 90 minutes before kick-off. If all tickets have already been sold online, there will be no more tickets available at the box office.

Standing room tickets for the guest sector can only be purchased online via the EVZ ticketshop.

Seating tickets are generally not available, as they are all sold online due to limited availability.

How do I get to the BOSSARD Arena?

On foot
The BOSSARD Arena can be reached from the train station in 10 minutes.

By public transportation
Take bus no. 606 to the "Stadion" stop, bus no. 616 to the "Aabachstrasse" stop, take the streetcar to the "Zug Schutzengel" stop.

By car
Take the Baar highway exit (from Lucerne and Zurich). Keep right at the Baar exit and follow the signs to Herti. At the first traffic circle, take the first exit on the right. Go straight on at the second traffic circle. Go straight on at the third traffic circle. At the fourth traffic circle, take the first exit on the right. Follow the road until you reach the BOSSARD Arena.

Where can I park?

Parking spaces for cars are available at Zug train station, at the Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug (KBZ, Gaswerkareal) and in the SIEMENS (Dammstrasse), Grafenau, Neustadtplatz and Metalli parking garages.

Limited parking spaces are available in the Stierenstallung at a price of CHF 8.00, provided no other events are taking place on the site.

There are also 9 car parking spaces available at the Kaufmännisches Bildungszentrum Zug (KBZ, Gaswerkareal).

Parking spaces for people with walking disabilities are located on Allmendstrasse, along the Stierenstallung and at the football stadium, as well as in the "Arena" multi-storey parking lot.

What documents do I need for entry?

In addition to your valid match ticket, you will need an official form of identification (ID, passport, driver's license).

Where is the lost and found office?

Lost property can be collected directly from the BOSSARD Arena up to 30 minutes after the event. Please contact the security staff.

On the following days, you can collect lost property from the ticket office on the outdoor ice rink. Call the ticket office staff beforehand on 041 725 31 40 to ask about your item. Please note the opening hours of the BOSSARD Arena (Office Kunsteisbahn Zug AG).

FAQ My evz Login

I don't have an online account yet. What do I need to do?

You can register under this link.

Can I change my e-mail address?

No. It is not possible to change my e-mail address.

If you have a new e-mail address, please (re-)register a user account with the new e-mail address. Please register at the same time in the EVZ Tickets App with the same e-mail address.

Where can I find my season ticket in My EVZ Login?

After successfully logging into My EVZ Login on your smartphone, open the menu item "EVZ Tickets App - My Tickets". Alternatively, open the menu item "Ticketshop - My account" on your desktop. You can also log in to the EVZ Ticketshop with the same login and view and manage your season tickets under "My Tickets".

For new customers or customers with a new e-mail address, it can take up to five (5) working days until the season ticket is linked to the account and can be viewed after registration.

I have created a My EVZ login but cannot see my purchased tickets. What can I do?

If you have successfully registered and still do not see any tickets in the EVZ Tickets App or in the EVZ Ticket Shop (menu item "My Tickets"), check the FAQ "EVZ Tickets App".

FAQ Marketplace

How does the EVZ Marketplace work?

As soon as the EVZ releases a game for the marketplace, holders of season tickets can offer their tickets for resale via the marketplace if they cannot or do not want to use them. This gives other fans the opportunity to purchase this ticket. If the resale is successful, the season ticket holder will be credited a share of the sales price per match. After successful resale, the season ticket is blocked for admission to the respective match in the BOSSARD Arena.

How can I offer my ticket on the marketplace?

Users of the EVZ Tickets app can offer seat tickets directly via the app on the EVZ Marketplace. Open the desired ticket in the app and tap on the "Resale in the ticket store" button or via the "3 dots" at the bottom right of the screen. All information about the app can be found here.

Alternatively, season ticket holders can log in to My EVZ Login with their personal access data. The tickets to be sold appear via the menu item "Ticketshop - My account" and then "Resell tickets". The selected ticket can be released for resale via the "Release for sale" button. From this point on, the seat can be booked in the ECC Marketplace. Further information and instructions for reselling tickets can be found here.

How do I receive my purchased ticket?

The purchaser receives the ticket digitally via the EVZ Tickets app or as a Print@home ticket on the smartphone. With Print@home tickets, please note that only the last ticket generated is valid for admission to the stadium.

Can I cancel the resale?

Have you placed a ticket for resale and now want to use it yourself? The resale can be canceled as long as the ticket has not yet been purchased on the EVZ Marketplace. The resale can be canceled in the My EVZ login under "EVZ Tickets App - My Tickets" or directly in the EVZ Tickets App (menu item "Ticket(s) submitted for resale" > "Pending"). The ticket will then reappear in the EVZ Tickets app.

Alternatively, the resale can be canceled in the My EVZ Login under "Ticketshop - My Account" and then under "My Tickets" by clicking on "Cancel resale".

Which payment methods are available in the EVZ Marketplace?

The purchase can be made by debit/credit card, Paypal or TWINT.

How much will I be credited if my ticket is resold via the EVZ Marketplace?

The seller of the season ticket receives 100% of the value of the individual ticket in his season ticket price category (price of the season ticket divided by a possible 38 games) credited to his credit account or credit card. Details can be found in the next question.

When will I receive the credit when my ticket has been successfully sold?

The credit note following a successful sale is usually issued within three working days. The seller receives an amount credited to their credit account.

When a ticket is sold that was initially paid for by the seller with a credit card, the amount is credited directly to the respective credit card. The deadline for this depends on the respective credit card provider and may take a few days longer.

The credit card cannot be changed either by the EVZ or by the customer. If the card is no longer valid for crediting, the amount will be written to the credit account due to the system.

How can I reuse credit from a ticket I have sold?

The credit can be used for any products (one-way tickets, ticket vouchers, season tickets, etc.) in the EVZ Ticket Shop and EVZ Marketplace.

The credit cannot be used for consumption at food stands and restaurants of EVZ Gastro AG or for purchases in the fan store.

How do I find out if my ticket has been sold?

The holder of the season ticket will be informed of the sale and the credit note by e-mail.

Until when before a match can I offer my ticket on the EVZ Marketplace?

Tickets can be placed on the EVZ marketplace at any time as long as the EVZ has released the games for resale.

Are there discounts for tickets at the EVZ Marketplace and can vouchers also be used here?

Tickets at the EVZ Marktplatz cannot be purchased at a reduced price. Vouchers can be used equally in the EVZ Ticket Shop and the EVZ Marketplace.

Which tickets can be offered on the EVZ Marketplace?

Holders of seat season tickets and seat one-way tickets of categories 1-6, Business Seats Gold and Business Seats Silver, can offer their ticket(s) on the EVZ Marketplace if they cannot or do not wish to use them.

Rink seats, free tickets, standing room / box / hospitality tickets, for example, cannot be offered. Tickets purchased on the EVZ Marketplace cannot be resold.

I would like to sell season ticket seats from friends via my account. I am not the owner. Can I still post the ticket?

No. Each season ticket holder can only offer their own seat for sale via their My EVZ login.

I have no internet access / no e-mail address. How can I resell my season ticket for a single match?

Unfortunately not at all. The resale can only be used online via the EVZ marketplace. We ask for your understanding.


Where can I download the EVZ Tickets app?

You can download the EVZ Ticket App directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Why do I need the EVZ Ticket App?

The app is used to manage your season passes and tickets online. Encrypted blockchain technology ensures secure and simple handling and transfer of the desired ticket in just a few steps.

Why is the EVZ Ticket App not integrated into the EVZ App?

The two apps will remain separate for the time being. It cannot be ruled out that the EVZ Tickets app will be integrated into the EVZ app at some point. At the moment, however, the advantages of keeping the EVZ Tickets app separate outweigh the disadvantages, as this not only enables independent further development, but above all brings performance benefits. These are very important for a ticket app to ensure fast and smooth entry to the arena.

Are Print@home tickets (PDF) / mobile tickets still available?

No, there is only the digital ticket in the EVZ Ticket App. All other ticket types (Print@Home, Mobile, Passbook) have disappeared.

This results in the following advantages:

1. The delivery of the tickets in the EVZ tickets app is automatically, a manual download of individual tickets is no longer necessary.

2. Comfort: Tickets can be easily and safely forwarded or resold.

3. Security: Printing and passing on multiple prints of a print@home ticket is no longer possible.

4. Sustainability: Paper and plastic are reduced to a minimum

How do I log in to the EVZ Tickets app?

On the EVZ Tickets app page you will find detailed instructions for registering and managing your tickets and your profile data.

To register in the EVZ Tickets app, you must first register in the app.

It is important that you register in the EVZ Tickets app with the same email address that you use for your current My EVZ login or for purchasing tickets in the EVZ Ticketshop/EVZ Marketplace. This is the only way we can link your tickets (season ticket or individual tickets) with your EVZ Tickets app account.

Where can I create my My EVZ login?

If you do not yet have a My EVZ login, you can create it at

Why do I not get a validation code when registering?

There may be several reasons why you don't receive the code by email:

- In exceptional cases it may take a few minutes until you receive the code.

- Is the correct email address entered? - The inbox is full. - The email with the validation code ends up in the spam folder. Not all email apps allow access to the spam folder. Here you have to log in via the browser.

- The email is blocked by your settings (browser, device) or the email provider.

- The company could block the registration of company addresses. To do this, contact your IT department.

- This is a temporary problem. Try requesting a new validation code again later.

What can I do if I don't see my tickets in the EVZ Tickets app?

The following questions may help you:

- Have you registered and logged in to the EVZ Tickets app with the correct email address?

- Do you have the current version of the EVZ Tickets app installed? The current version of the app can be found at the bottom left if you open the menu at the top left.

- Did the sender of the tickets use your correct email address?

- Have you already uninstalled, reinstalled and re-registered the EVZ Tickets app? In exceptional cases, you may have to register again (“register” button).

- If you can answer all of these questions with YES and the problem has not yet been solved, please send an email to

How can I forward tickets to friends?

A ticket can be forwarded using the “Send your ticket(s)” button or using the “3 dots” at the bottom right of the screen:

1. Select or type the recipient's email address. Send the respective ticket to the person of your choice (“Send” button).

2. The recipient receives an email and must also download the EVZ Tickets app and register in it, if not already done so. Forwarded tickets are only valid from then on.

3. Before forwarding to a person, you can optionally select more tickets that the person should receive.

I forwarded the ticket to an incorrect email address: what can I do?

You can still cancel the forwarding of your ticket. To do this, go to the main menu and select the “Ticket forwarding” button. You can cancel the ticket transfer under “Pending”.

Please note that a transfer cancellation is only possible if the ticket has not yet been accepted by the recipient!

Can I personalize several tickets in my app?

You can also leave all tickets in your app and personalize it on the individual. Entering the email address in personalization is not necessary, but optional, for example, this should be personalized for a child without an email address.

The personalization of tickets is optional, subject to any requirements by the authority or association!

What do I have to do if I can't see the QR code?

The QR code is generally activated by the system 24 hours before the game. The ticket holder does not have to do anything. It is a valid ticket even if the QR code is not yet activated.

How can I pass on a ticket from my season ticket if the recipient does not have a compatible smartphone or cannot install the EVZ tickets app on the smartphone?

In these cases, the relevant ticket can be ordered by email for a fee of CHF 5.00 up to 48 hours before the start of the game. A digital ticket is then converted into a paper ticket and deposited at the box office. The fee must be paid at the box office (cash, card, TWINT).

What can I do if I, as a season ticket holder, do not have a (compatible) smartphone?

Register by telephone or in writing by email to the office for a personal appointment during opening hours (MON-FRI 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.). We will be happy to help you. If the physical season ticket is the only solution for you, we will issue it to you free of charge for the 2023/24 season. From the 2024/25 season onwards, the physical season ticket will be chargeable.

What can I do if my children also have a season ticket but no smartphone yet?

If you have several season tickets for which no email address is stored (e.g. for children/young people), you as a parent will receive all digital tickets. Alternatively, from the beginning of June 2024, you can order a physical season ticket for your children (“youth” season ticket) free of charge at, providing their first and last name.

Can I switch back to the EVZ Tickets app after switching to the physical season ticket?

Yes, that is basically possible. To do this, please contact us via email. This change is free and the physical card can be discarded. It is not possible to switch back to the physical season ticket.

How can I delete my EVZ Tickets app account?

You can easily request deletion of your EVZ Tickets App account from the "My Profile" menu in the app by tapping "Delete my account" at the bottom of the page.

- Alternatively, you can also request the deletion of your EVZ Tickets app account using the contact form on our website:

After verifying that you are the actual account owner, we will arrange for the deletion of your account and data.

FAQ season ticket

Validity - Which games does the season ticket include?

The season ticket is valid for the corresponding National League season and entitles you to attend the EVZ home games, during the qualifying round and the playoffs. If the EVZ qualifies for the Champions Hockey League (CHL), the games in the group phase, the 1/8 and 1/4 final home game are also included. For further CHL games, the season ticket holder benefits from a right of first refusal.

When does season ticket sales start?

Existing season ticket holders are given the opportunity to renew the season ticket online every May and enjoy a right of first refusal.

New customers create a My EVZ login and purchase the available seated and standing season tickets in the EVZ ticket shop starting in July.

What is the renewal process like for existing customers?

Every existing season ticket holder (client) will receive information and an invoice for the season ticket renewal in May. The seats are also available for extension as a reservation in the EVZ ticket shop account and must be confirmed by payment by credit card (Mastercard, VISA), TWINT, Postcard or PayPal. If you want to keep your existing season ticket(s) for the following season, you must pay on time (invoice or online) by the end of June. You can only use any credit online in the EVZ ticket shop.

If the existing holder decides not to renew the season ticket, he or she will be asked to notify the waiver in writing by post (EVZ, Weststrasse 11, Postfach, 6300 Zug) or email. After the payment deadline has expired, unpaid places will also be canceled and released. Any payments after the due date must be communicated to the EVZ by email.

The renewal invoice is therefore to be understood as an offer and is therefore not binding. Any payment after the due date is considered binding. There is no right to the original place. An allocation takes place within the same space category. A refund will only be made if an assignment cannot be made due to lack of availability.

Can I pay for my season ticket with an invoice?

Season tickets can generally be ordered on account and paid for within 30 days. Delivery will take place after full payment has been received shortly before the start of the season.

Are the Champions Hockey League games included in the season ticket?

If you qualify for the Champions Hockey League, the games up to and including the quarter-finals are included in the season ticket.

I would like to change seats, what do I have to do?

The season ticket holder can change seats during the season ticket sales phase (June - August) - provided there are free seats available. To do this, he should contact the office in writing.

After paying the renewal invoice, a change is only possible within the same price category or to a more expensive price category by paying an additional charge. Changing to a cheaper price category is not possible.

How much do the season tickets cost?

Please find the current season ticket prices on this page or in the EVZ ticket shop. No price reductions will be granted if the season ticket is purchased after the start of the season.

Are there discounts/reductions?

Discounts and reductions can only be claimed if the relevant requirements are met at the time of purchase and the relevant proof can be presented.

When ordering a season ticket in the ticket shop, young people under 20 must automatically submit a copy of their identity card or official ID to check their date of birth (online or by email).

Members of an official EVZ fan club provide proof (if available) by enclosing a membership card or membership invoice.

Children under 6 years of age enjoy free entry when accompanied by an adult and do not require a ticket. However, there is no entitlement to a seat in the seating area. The child sits on the adult's lap. To claim a seat, you must purchase a seat at the normal fare.

Wheelchair spaces: Wheelchair users pay the price of a standing season ticket. This season ticket can only be purchased via the EVZ office (Phone: 041 725 31 00 or email). For safety reasons (in the event of an evacuation), one (1) responsible accompanying person is required. The accompanying person receives free access to the BOSSARD Arena without a ticket. The wheelchair spaces are located in sectors A1 and R1.

Price reductions for other customer groups (AHV/IV, military, students, blind people, etc.) are not available.

I would like to be added to the waiting list to purchase a season ticket, is this possible?

The EVZ does not have a waiting list. However, requests for relocation and interest can be communicated by email after the payment deadline has expired. The EVZ will contact the applicant as soon as a desired option is available.

Where can I manage and share my season ticket online?

After successfully logging in to My EVZ Login, open the menu item “EVZ Tickets App – My Tickets” on your smartphone. Alternatively and on the desktop, open the menu item “Ticketshop – My Account”. You can also log in to the EVZ ticket shop using the same login and view and manage your season tickets under “My Tickets”.

For new customers or customers with a new email address, it may take up to five (5) business days for the season pass to be linked to the account and viewable after registration.

I lost my season ticket. What now?

The season ticket holder can contact the EVZ office by telephone, email or in person. The lost season ticket will be blocked and a duplicate will be issued for a fee of CHF 20.00 (per ticket). The new card must be picked up in person at the office or at the main box office at the next home game by showing ID and paying in cash (cash only). There will be no delivery with an invoice!

What payment options are there in the EVZ ticket shop?

In the EVZ ticket shop, payments can be made using debit/credit cards (Mastercard, VISA), Postcard, PayPal and TWINT. An order on account is not possible.

When will the season ticket be delivered before the start of the season?

The season ticket is delivered exclusively via the EVZ tickets app, provided that the payment has been made completely and the necessary information and evidence of a reduced season tickets (young people or fan club) have been submitted. If you did not receive the season ticket up to five (5) days before the first home game, please contact the EVZ office. After this period, the season ticket is considered to be delivered and there is no entitlement to a free new exhibition of the season ticket.

Is my season ticket transferable?

EVZ standing and seated season tickets are transferable. If the season ticket holder would like to transfer their ticket for any home game, they can forward this in the EVZ Tickets app.

Reduced season tickets are only transferable to people with identical requirements (e.g. young people to young people). It is not possible to pay a surcharge for the difference either online or on site at the BOSSARD Arena.

I forgot my season ticket on match day, what should I do?

Register at the Helpdesk on site at the box office.

My season ticket is displayed as invalid when access, who do I have to contact?

If access with the season ticket does not work, the ticket must be checked at the main fund. If there is a technical problem, the customer can be given a replacement ticket for the current home game.

My season ticket is defective, what now?

Damaged or defective cards will be replaced free of charge at the EVZ office during opening hours. The old card must be handed in. If there is suspicion of intentional damage, a service and production fee of CHF 20.00 per card will be charged.

Can I return my season ticket or have it rewritten?

The return of season tickets is generally excluded. A change to the season ticket is only possible if the holder has not yet made the payment. Changes to a season ticket must be made by the previous holder via the EVZ office, stating the new holder's personal details. A transfer to the following season is possible.

Where can I change an address?

Season ticket holders can make name and address changes directly in the My EVZ login or in the account of the EVZ ticket shop under «Profile».

It is not possible to change the email address. If you have a new email address, please ask you to register again.

FAQ member card

How do I get my member card?

The authorized persons are reported automatically by the respective patron club or by the EVZ. The member card is issued and sent by EVZ Gastro AG. It entitles you to access the Legends Club.

How do I activate the payment function on my member card?

In the login area of ​​the web portal you can assign your own member card (number & PIN on the back of the card). The member card is now activated and can be used as a cashless card at all food and beverage stands in the BOSSARD Arena, in the 67 Sportsbar and in the Legends Club.

Can a member map be issued to a company?

No, the member tickets are bound to a person who is responsible for use.

Can I take guests into the Legends Club?

Of course - the member ticket entitles you to access the Legends Club. The owners of a member ticket can take guests with them. At the entrance to the Legends Club, the guests are given an event swing band, with which they have free access to the Legends Club on the further evening. The owners of the member ticket are free to accept such a Wristband so that the member map does not have to be shown when accessing.

Where can I change the billing address?

The stored billing address of a member card can only be changed by the EVZ Gastro AG office. The card holder reports a new billing address by email to

How does the payment process work with the member ticket?

1. Order.

2. Order invoice and have a member ticket ready.

3. Members card is read in by the service staff and returned with consumption receipt.

What happens if I default on my monthly bill payment?

Similar to credit cards, the member card can be blocked at any time by the EVZ in the event of late payment. Further consumption with the member card is therefore no longer possible. The member card is unlocked automatically when the outstanding invoices are paid.

Who can I contact if I have any problems?

The EVZ office is available to the cardholder during office hours for all matters relating to the member card as follows: / Phone 041 725 31 13

FAQ price system / dynamic pricing

Does the Dynamic Pricing also apply to season tickets?

The prices for season tickets seat and standing room are not affected by the Dynamic Pricing.

What games does the new price system apply?

The new Dynamic Pricing price system is only used in the qualification games of the National League.

How do I find out the currently cheapest price?

You can see the prices for the switched -off games in the EVZ ticket shop. Available tickets are offered in online sales.

Do ticket prices increase with the pricing model?

With dynamic pricing, prices vary. The EVZ primarily wants to reward online customers and early bookers with this pricing model.

FAQ Other

What opening hours does the fan shop have?

The opening hours of the fan shop are determined by our merchandise partner “Conte Sports”. You can find the opening times here.

Where can I buy fan items?

Fan items are available online at and in the fan shop at the main entrance to the BOSSARD Arena.

Where can I buy vouchers for EVZ tickets?

Vouchers for EVZ tickets can only be purchased online.

Please book vouchers for our catering offers here.

Vouchers for EVZ fan items are available via the online shop.

What payment options are available at the main checkout?

Day tickets can be paid for at the main box office in cash or by card (debit/credit card), TWINT or with EVZ vouchers.

Zuger Kantonalbank ATMs are available in the immediate vicinity of the BOSSARD Arena (General-Guisan-Strasse/Allmendstrasse roundabout or Herti shopping center).

General sponsor
Zuger Kantonalbank
Main sponsors
Binelli Group