Victory and defeat for the Swiss champion

national league
Thursday, 18.08.2022 // 16:03

With a 3:5 defeat against host Salzburg, the Zugers missed the chance to win the tournament at the Red Bulls Salute 2022 in Kitzbühel.

Not entirely unexpectedly, on the final day of the international tournament in Kitzbühel, Red Bull Munich and EVZ met. However, the Swiss champion and the German playoff finalist did not play for the tournament victory, but only for the 3rd place. Both teams had to admit defeat in Saturday's semifinals: the EVZ rather surprisingly against the Austrian champion Red Bull Salzburg, the Munich team surprisingly high against the Czech winner of the Regular Season and later tournament winner Mountfield HK (1:7).

For the Zugers, it was understandably noticeable that these were their first competitive matches. Against Salzburg, they were already 1:3 behind after 14 minutes and two goals conceded in shorthanded and were unable to make up for it despite playing more of the game. Against Munich, they showed a clear improvement in performance, especially in the first few minutes, but despite a 5-0 lead after 29 minutes, they still had to tremble for their first success. In the first game Luca Hollenstein was between the posts, in the second Leonardo Genoni. Newcomer Peter Cehlarik did not play against Munich because he had received a blow to the head in the game against Salzburg. Returnee Tobias Geisser was named the most valuable EVZ player of the tournament.

For sporting director Reto Kläy, the trip to Kitzbühel was definitely worth it: "It was a top-class tournament with strong opponents and intense games. Games are always something different than training sessions, so the results were not the main focus in the first competitive tests. In the second match against Munich, the performance was already much better than against Salzburg. We now know where we stand and what we still need to work on." Pre-season preparation continues for the Zug team next weekend with the Lehner Cup and games on Friday in Sursee against Ambri (7:45 p.m.) and on Saturday as part of the EIS Fäscht in Zug (4 p.m.) against Adler Mannheim. The results from Kitzbühel at a glance:


Red Bull Munich-Mountfield HK 1:7 (0:4, 1:0, 0:3).

Red Bull Salzburg-EVZ 5:3 (3:1, 0:1, 2:1. - Goals: 1. Heinrich 1:0. 9. Genoway 2:0. 12. Hofmann (Geisser) 2:1. 14. Baltram 3:1. 33. Hofmann 3:2. 47. Bourke 4:2. 53. Herzog (Zehnder) 4:3. 60. Schneider (Emptynetter) 5:3. - Spectators: 650.

Final 3rd/4th place:

EVZ-Red Bull Munich 5:4 (4:0, 1:3, 0:1). - Goals: 4th Geisser (Hansson) 1:0. 9th Martschini (Klingberg) 2:0. 12th Klingberg (Martschini) 3:0. 19th Kovar (Hofmann) 4:0. 29th Hofmann (Schlumpf) 5:0. 31st Smith 5:1. 32nd DeSousa 5:2. 35th Ehliz 5:3. 60th Blum 5:4 (Emptynetter). - Spectators: 700.

Final 1st/2nd place:

Mountfield HK-Red Bull Salzburg 2:0 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0).

Final standings:
1. Mountfield HK
2. Red Bull Salzburg
3. EVZ
4. Red Bull Munich.

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