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New Website & App

EVZ’s digital presence now has a new look. With the go-live of the new web & app platform, the EVZ is taking another important step towards digitalization.

Just in time for the hot phase of the championship, EVZ is also picking up speed digitally. In addition to a new website and app, fans can also expect a new and centralized fan home with the “My EVZ” login, which will be further expanded in the future and gradually offer new possibilities. The EVZ is “MEH ALS IISSPORT”: Thanks to the new platform, the diversity of the EVZ can be conveyed to the fans even better and more efficiently. A contemporary and interactive user experience ensures that the EVZ is also a daily companion for fans off the ice. With a modern and appealing design in the look and feel of the EVZ, the new platform allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of the EVZ.

Thanks to clear navigation with a focus on the heart of the EVZ – ice sports – fans can find the latest news about the Zug Ice Sports Club quickly and easily. A modern Game Center – now also for the Women’s Team and in the near future also for the teams of The Hockey Academy (U17 and U20 Elite) – with a multimedia live ticker and further details on the games is of course a must. In addition, all offers such as tickets, hospitality or fan and business offers have been restructured and clearly presented.

In addition to the website and app, EVZ’s digital home also includes a redesigned fan store from our partner Conte Hockey and a revamped fan forum. The ticket store and ticket marketplace will remain in place and will be integrated into the platform like the other applications.


The «My EVZ» area, which replaces the «EVZ Login», will give fans centralized access to all EVZ services, i.e. it will go beyond a classic login in future. The existing EVZ login (single sign-on solution) will therefore remain in place and will continue under the name «My EVZ». The My EVZ login can therefore still be used to log in to the website, the app, the fan store, the ticket store, the marketplace or the fan forum.

In the near future, My EVZ will make all important information, personalized and exclusive content accessible and available in one place via both the website and the new fan app. The area will be successively expanded after the launch of the new platform and supplemented with additional functions and services. In the future, there will also be a loyalty program where you can collect points by visiting games, taking part in votes or quizzes or making purchases and receive great benefits in return.


The new platform and the associated opportunities represent an important step for EVZ. However, the journey is far from over for the Zug team. Further projects and ideas are already being developed that will gradually enhance the fan experience. So it remains exciting around the EVZ – even off the ice.

The new web & app platform was developed with the help of local partners. EVZ would like to take this opportunity to thank its main partners AGENTMEDIA, andré murer gmbh and yawave ag, who were involved in the conception, design and technical implementation.


How do I get access to the new EVZ Fan App? If you already have the old fan app installed, all you need to do is update it. On many smartphones, this even happens automatically. For new installations, you can find the EVZ app as usual in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Will I continue to receive push notifications via the EVZ app? Yes, but you will need to reset your selection in the app settings. To do this, click on “More” in your app, then “Settings” at the top right and select “Notifications”. You have the option to receive notifications for the most important news as well as for game events such as game start & end, goals and penalties for the Men’s and Women’s Team.

Does the EVZ App replace the EVZ Tickets App? No, the two apps will remain separate for the time being. It cannot be ruled out that the Tickets app will be integrated into the EVZ app at some point. At the moment, however, the advantages of keeping the Tickets app separate outweigh the disadvantages, as this not only enables independent further development, but above all brings performance benefits. These are very important for a ticket app to ensure fast and smooth entry to the arena.


Do I have to create a new login for My EVZ? No, if you already have an EVZ login, it will remain the same and will simply be called My EVZ Login. If you don’t have a login yet, we recommend that you create a new My EVZ login so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of the digital EVZ platforms.

Can I also log in to the Tickets app with my My EVZ login? No, the Tickets app is not yet linked to the My EVZ login. There are technical reasons for this, which make a connection very complex at the moment and this effort simply does not yet justify the added value. However, the vast majority of fans use the same e-mail address for the Tickets app as for the My EVZ login, which has not led to any problems to date.

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