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Statement by CEO Patrick Lengwiler

Patrick Lengwiler talks about the planned reform in Swiss ice hockey.

Dear EVZ friends

You will need some time to read this text. But if you are really interested in what the planned reform in Swiss ice hockey is all about and which positions EVZ represents, it will be worth the effort!

For many weeks there has been a heated debate about the reorganization of the National League. Wild theses and prophecies have been put forward, imaginative conspiracy theories have been created and false dates have been mentioned. Above all, however, individual points are torn out of the overall context and discussed in isolation. In most cases, this involves particular interests, which are sometimes represented honestly and directly, but for the most part hidden and in perfidious form through indirect channels. Since nothing has been decided yet and many details are still to be worked out, too little is proactively communicated by us clubs about the entire content and the motives behind it. This opens the space for the many speculations as they can be found on different channels at the moment. We at EVZ are in favor of standing up and honestly stating our position.

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