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Cooperation Färjestad

Since 2019, EVZ has maintained a collaboration with the Swedish ice hockey club from Karlstad. The objectives of this partnership include knowledge exchange at all levels, leveraging synergies in various areas of the organization, and mutually advancing each other.

Färjestad BK and EVZ share similar structures and goals, which favors collaboration. Both organizations are innovative and place great emphasis on the sustainable development of young athletes. The collaboration aims to facilitate and promote exchange between the clubs at all levels. Through this information transfer, the organizations seek to mutually advance, inspire, and leverage potential synergies. Several meetings have already taken place, and the cooperation was symbolically sealed with the visit of the 1st team to Karlstad in August 2019.

'The collaboration is a win-win situation for both parties. We mutually benefit from each other's experience, taking us one step further,' comments EVZ CEO Patrick Lengwiler on the partnership. Stefan Larsson, CEO of Färjestad BK, also sees only advantages: 'Both organizations can only benefit from the exchange – be it at the management or sports level.'

Färjestad BK is a sports club from Karlstad, Sweden, founded in 1932. Since 1956, the club has had an ice hockey department. The 1st teams of both women and men play in the highest Swedish leagues (SDHL/SHL). Additionally, Karlstad has 19 junior teams with around 700 young players

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