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Construction work underway at the BOSSARD Arena

Construction work at the BOSSARD Arena has been in full swing for a few days now.

EVZ is already creating around 600 additional seats for the coming season by means of three measures. These will initially only be offered for individual sale. Later, during the realization of the planned stadium extension “Keep Building”, they will serve as a reserve, as certain seating areas will have to be temporarily closed during construction. A new media stand is also being built.  


  1. With the LED ice hockey boards installed last year, EVZ has created a situation in which there is more space directly around the pitch and two additional rows of seats can be installed. This expansion of the stands will also be implemented in the standing area for home fans. At the same time, some of the standing areas on the long sides will be converted into seats. The capacity of the home standing area will therefore remain unchanged, but more standing-room fans will be able to watch the game from behind the goal.

  2. The axial dimension of the seating in the BOSSARD Arena varies between 50-55cm in the main stands and is therefore more generous than average compared to many other stadiums. In various sectors with the largest spacing today, the seats will be condensed to 50cm. This will also allow some additional seats to be installed.

  3. A new media zone will be created on the south side of the arena above the boxes. Once the media seats and the new media room have been installed, the writing press and radio stations will move to the arena side. The space this frees up on the north side will be used for additional seating. The “change of sides” for the majority of media professionals is planned for the 2024/25 season.

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