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The EVZ has developed enormously in recent years. Today, it is a broad-based organization that stands for more than just ice hockey and is of great importance to many people: As a sports club, as an employer, as a social meeting place, but also as a role model. Over the coming years, the EVZ would like to highlight the various facets of the organization in a documentary series entitled "MEH ALS IISSPORT".

Four episodes of around 15-20 minutes will be released each year, with the first episode being shown on July 15, 2022: an "extended version" of just over half an hour, which shows the story from May 7, 2021 to May 7, 2022 - from the 2nd Swiss championship title in the club's history to the successful title defense in front of thousands of fans and the championship parade through the city of Zug.

What has moved the EVZ in the past year, what has happened behind the scenes, what significance do the championship titles have for the organization? And what happens next? Where is the journey heading? The documentary "MEH ALS IISSPORT" will show all of this on all EVZ channels from July 15.

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