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«More than iissport»

With the EVZ roadmap, the EVZ has set the course for the future and strives in all areas to face and overcome the upcoming challenges.

In 2012, EVZ defined its mission statement with values, vision, and a mission for the future. In 2022 - ten years later - we looked back. The organization has worked hard, continuously evolved, and achieved great things together with fans, spectators, sponsors, patrons, employees, and officials. With the championship titles in 2020/21 and 2021/22, EVZ ultimately fulfilled all aspects of the vision from the 2012 mission statement.

We are proud of what we have accomplished - but we do not rest. We are doing very well - but we can and want to get even better. We are well-prepared for the future, and we are eager to face it! In 2022, we thoroughly examined in which areas we can further develop EVZ and how we want to do it. We recognize the opportunities and challenges of the future, have defined goals, and are embarking on the journey. The roadmap - the EVZ roadmap - is set:

The debate and discussion around this important topic have shown: EVZ stands for 'MORE THAN IISSPORT.' EVZ is more than the Men's Team. More than a club, more than individual players. EVZ is an organization with significant meaning for many people: as a sports club, as an employer, as a role model. This privilege comes with responsibilities, of which we are aware and which we aim to pursue even more consistently with the EVZ roadmap. In this context, not only the goal itself plays a crucial role, but also the motivation, the reasons, and the path to the goal.

Together for the Future
The EVZ roadmap highlights all aspects of the EVZ organization and guides us into the future. Some areas we already handle well, while others still have great potential. We look forward to the shared challenge and invite the entire EVZ family to join us on this journey. Periodically, we will provide updates on the next milestones on this page.

Documentary-Series «more than iISSPORT»

Alongside the introduction of the new EVZ roadmap, EVZ also launched a documentary series that provides a behind-the-scenes look over the next few years. Four episodes of approximately 20 minutes each will be released annually.


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